"Behind the product" is a short series of videos explaining how we built our range and its products characteristics. On this video, we explain our Neoprene range
Rob Claisse is the best coach you will ever find. If you have the chance to had been a part of one of his camp you know what I'm talking about, if not then you need to seriously consider attending if you want to take it to the next levels. He has an uncanny ability to put into plain english what to do. Check below his latest blog about doing tacks when kite foiling.
On the chart below, you will find the latest chart to show what screws to use for what foil parts, mast, top mast parts, foot mast, wing, fuselage and stabilizers, as well as Tuttle box screws for the Rocket Air. F-One is using metric M6 screws.
Having the right equipment is key to progression. We see too many wing foilers with the wrong size or board, and foils too. Check out this overview of combo set up you can get from F-One.
This is the third and final blog on my Wingsurfers Guide Through Progression. If you missed the two earlier blogs on getting started you can review them here. They will help to give some context on my experience during the early days (funny, just 3 months ago) and lead up to this final blog. Thanks in advance for reviewing and hopefully this will help some of you out that are learning this relatively new sport. Now well into my efforts to become better at winging I’m very happy with the
F-One foil designer Charles Bertrand talks you through the basics of how to choose the right board and foil set-up to go wingsurfing, whatever your level / prior experience of foiling.
How to setup your F-One Swing - Pump connector; Reactor valve, Harness connector
This one piece that is now part of the F-One V2 Foil Collection and called the FCD Mast Foot Adapter will help you in the following scenarios
Check out the F-ONE SWING water start tutorial when using a Rocket SUP or Rocket Wing board.
Back Line Tuning 2019 - (Bandit v.12 & Breeze v.2 kites)
The first time you use a RAM Air Kite, the DIABLO in our case, it can be pretty intimidating, with all those bridles everywhere, 4 full lines total A + B + C + Brakes (D), the speed system, etc... Here is a clear schema of the whole setup, how it works and what to do if the Diablo does not fly properly because one line has stretched too much.
Featured on all the 2016 SUP range the innovative and multifunction handle developed by F-ONE.