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How To Choose a Board and Foil for Wingsurfing | Video Charles Bertrand

11 Dec , 2019   Video

F-One foil designer Charles Bertrand talks you through the basics of how to choose the right board and foil set-up to go wingsurfing, whatever your level / prior experience of foiling.

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How to setup your F-One Swing

26 Sep , 2019   Video

How to setup your F-One Swing – Pump connector; Reactor valve, Harness connector

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New: FCD Mast Foot Adapter for Full Compatibility with V1 foils and foilboards

26 Sep , 2019   Video

This one piece that is now part of the F-One V2 Foil Collection and called the FCD Mast Foot Adapter will help you in the following scenarios

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How to waterstart with a SWING wing

25 Sep , 2019   Video

Check out the F-ONE SWING water start tutorial when using a Rocket SUP or Rocket Wing board.

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How to tune your back lines on 2019 Kites

28 Aug , 2018   Video

Back Line Tuning 2019 – (Bandit v.12 & Breeze v.2 kites)


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How it Works: DIABLO Bridles

7 Dec , 2015  

The first time you use a RAM Air Kite, the DIABLO in our case, it can be pretty intimidating, with all those bridles everywhere, 4 full lines total A + B + C + Brakes (D), the speed system, etc… Here is a clear schema of the whole setup, how it works and what to do if the Diablo does not fly properly because one line has stretched too much.


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3 Dec , 2015  

Featured on all the 2016 SUP range the innovative and multifunction handle developed by F-ONE.


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28 Aug , 2015   Video

The Platinium3 Bindings are probably the most comfortable combo strap / pad on the market!


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TUTORIAL: How to Disassemble a F-One Foil?

14 Jul , 2015   Video

Also for your reference: Foil User Guide

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Tutorial – How to Retrofit your F-One Bar with new 2014 Quick Release

26 Mar , 2014   Video

Big thanks to Vincent Nicolas, member of BAKS staff, to have put this video together. It will show you how to retrofit your bar, either a 2014 bar (use the new ring) or a 2013 and prior (reuse existing ring).

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Robert Graham explains how the bridles work

9 Oct , 2013   Video

Robert Graham explains how the bridles work on the new 2014 Bandit. Very informative !


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F-One Team Rider Ella Johnson Demonstrates Launching a Kiteboarding Kite

31 May , 2012   Video

How to safely launch a kiteboarding kite.  F-One Team Rider Ella Johnson helped out The Kiteboarder Magazine with a demo video for their YouTube channel where you can find informational videos covering topics from beginner to advanced riding. Ella’s gear: BanditV kite, Underwave Imperial Waist Harness, Underwave Sultane Wetsuit