F-One: Your one stop shop for wing foiling

Having the right equipment is key to progression. We see too many wing foilers with the wrong size or board, and foils too. Check out this overview of combo set up you can get from F-One.

Having the right equipment is key to progression. We see too many wing foilers with the wrong size or board, and foils too. Check out this overview of wing gear combo set up you can get from F-One so you can be successful on the water

Whether you are a beginner or an expert wing foiler, F-One has you covered with an array of products, all of them recently released, from the gold standard Swing wing to the Rocket Wing board series and the Gravity or Phantom foil series. All those products have been developed with the legendary F-One top built quality and user friendly approach. They fit perfectly together.


The F-One SWING is the market leader and the industry gold standard, 5 sizes to cover the entire wind range: 2.8/3.5/4.2/5/6m, very light and easy on your arms, with great stability and power at your disposal. Check out this review here.


F-One was quick to develop a full range of dedicated wing boards, with two different models, ROCKET WINGS and ROCKET AIR.

Another option would be the ROCKET SUP series, a model that is designed specifically for SUP foiling but work well as for winging, or the ROCKET SURF SERIES, designed for surf foiling but are used by expert wing foilers who want the smallest possible board and are water starting with the board fully under water. So we will add those 2 models here as well

ROCKET WINGS are custom hardboards made with double bamboo technology, a construction F-One knows very well and uses on other boards like kite foilboards, SUP boards, Surfboards,… with twin tracks and a handle at the bottom (F-One was the first company to do that) so that you can easily carry your board + foil, and a full super comfy deckpad. Of course, the shape is fully designed for winging with easy kneeling when water starting, , intuitive and very stable, great for carving and pumping, smooth landing and great handling during transitions or on waves.

SizeDims cmDims inVol. LWeight kgs
5’0152 x 58.5 cm5’0 x 23″60 l4.5
5’4162 x 63.5 cm5’4 x 25″75 l5.1
5’5165 x 68.5 cm5’5 x 27″85l5.4
5’10178 x 71 cm5’10 x 28″105l6.2
6’0183 x 76 cm6’0 x 30″120 l6.9
6’6198 x 78.5 cm6’6 x 31″140 l7.5

ROCKET AIR: The Rocket Air range is a line of inflatable board dedicated to foiling sports: Surf-foil, SUP-foil, Wing-foil, Wind-foil and even Kite-foil. Easy to store and carry, balanced and light for flying, superior and extra stiff Drop Stitch material. Includes a Tuttle box so you can attach a foil that has a mast with a Tuttle head. F-One pack alu mast have the Tuttle head option.

SizeDims cmDims inVol. LWeight kgs
4’10152 x 56 cm4’10 x 22″x 5″75 L3.5
5’4163 x 63 cm5’4 x 25″x 5″90 L4.5
5’10178 x 73 cm5’10 x 29″x 5″125 L5.2
6’6193 x 76 cm6’6 x 30″x 5″140 L5.8
7’6227x 76 cm7’6 x 30″x 5″168 L7.4
7’11242 x 78 cm7’11 x 31″x 5″185 L8.2

ROCKET SUP: Our experience of riding foils on Stand Up Paddle boards for the past few years has allowed us to design the best possible board to Stand Up Foil. Super Maneuverable, Stable & Forgiving, High Volume

SIZESDims inDims cmVOL. LWeight kgs
6’46’4’’ x 25’5’’193 x 64.5 cm105 L7 kg
6’86’8’’ x 26’5’’203.5 x 67.5 cm120 L7.5 kg
7’07’0’’ x 28’’213.5 x 71.5 cm140 L8 kg

ROCKET SURF: Specifically designed for surf-foiling, the Rocket surf range has all you need to make the most of your foil.

SizeDims cmDims inVol. LWeight kgs
3’10118 x 47 cm3’10’’ x 18.5’’242.2
4’2128 x 48.5 cm4’2’’ x 19’282.4
4’6138 x 49.5 cm4’6’’ x 19.5’’332.6
5’0152 x 51 cm5’0’’ x 20’’382.9
5’6167,5 x 52 cm5’6’’ x 21’’433.4
4’2 w/ straps128 x 48.5 cm4’2’’ x 19’’282.4
4’6 w/straps138 x 49.5 cm4’6’’ x 19.5’’332.6

How to choose your volume and board size for foiling with a Swing?

  • Beginner : Weight +40L
  • Intermediate : Weight +10L
  • Advanced : Weight -15


There are two main foil series for winging, the GRAVITY and the PHANTOM series. Gravity and Phantom planes (stabilizer + fuselage + front wings) are made of prepreg carbon and are extremely light and stiff, something you need out of your foils for superior performance.

We uses different stabilizers and fuselage length depending on your foils. For example the Gravity 1800 plane has a C300 S carbon stab and a long fuselage where the Phantom 1480 uses a C 275 S stab and a short fuselage.

For masts, you have the choice between using a Pack Alu Mast which is composed of a Titan foot mast + mast alu (45/55/65/75/85cm) + top mast (plate/tuttle/KF/DKF) or a full carbon mast (monobloc piece with plate and foot, sizes 75/85cm). Mast, foot mast, head mast are compatible between models, so you can easily learn on a Gravity 1800 for example, which is the go to model for learning and progressing fast, then upgrade later to a Phantom wing for example or a smaller Gravity front wing.

GRAVITY: The foils of the Gravity line are designed to provide a solid lift with a smooth take-off and great carving potential. Smooth take-off, stability and lift.

  • 1200 cm2
  • 1500 cm2
  • 1800 cm2
  • 2200 cm2

PHANTOM: The foils of the Phantom line are designed to glide effortlessly when pumping or connecting waves and then prove very agile and precise when surfing. Speed and glide, pumping/downwind machine, nimble and maneuverable

  • 1280 cm2
  • 1480 cm2
  • 1780 cm2