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VIDEO: One Day in Camargue with Charlotte Consorti

8 Dec , 2016   Video


Camargue is right next to F-One HQ in France (Montpellier), a beautiful natural region, located south of Arles, France, between the Mediterranean Sea and the two arms of the Rhône River delta. And it’s a windy place, very windy place with the infamous Mistral blowing hard at times. It’s the home of both Charlotte Consorti and also Alex Caizergues where they have a man made speed run at their disposal to train… It’s a also where the well known kiteboarding spot BEAUDUC is located, with a lot of kiteboarders coming from all over Europe to indulge their favorite sport.

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VIDEO: SUP Foiling a Tidal Bore – Check it out !

2 Nov , 2016   Video


F-One SUP & Prone team rider Ludovic Dulou SUP Foiling a tidal bore with a F-One Magic 9’6 dedicated SUP Foil board and freeride SUP Foil – Check the video !


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Let’s fly: The F-One FOIL Range covers it all KiteFoil, SupFoil, WindFoil & SurfFoil

20 Oct , 2016   Video


The F-One SUP Range keeps growing, at this time we have 7 x wings (all carbon), 6 x aluminum masts, 3 x carbon masts, 2 x carbon stabilizers (1 freeride and 1 race), 2 x carbon fuselage ( 1 freeride and 1 race) and a lot of kite foilboards and/or SUP foilboards to choose from. And since all components are inter-changeable and compatible, you can customize your ride the way you want.

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WARNING: Foiling can be addictive

21 Sep , 2016   Video


WARNING: Foiling can be very addictive, don’t start practicing unless you are ready to fall in love with a new sport! Kitefoil, Supfoil, Windfoil… three new disciplines providing amazing sensations!!! Enter the world of foiling and discover the F-ONE range developed to make you fly above the water. Get ready to fly!

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TKB: MANERA Interview with Brand Manager Jullien Salles

13 Sep , 2016   Video


MANERA Brand Manager Julien Salles explains the new 2017 collection to The Kiteboarder editors at the 2016 Surf Expo in Orlando, FL. More info here: http://www.thekiteboarder.com/2016/09/2017-manera-product-previews/


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VALHALLA: First Ever MANERA Kitesurf Film

5 Sep , 2016   Video


Paradise is often pictured as a deserted tropical island, a private and mysterious place that exudes comfort and warmth. Every kitesurfer dreams of coconut trees, blue lagoons, sunshine and a warm breeze. Except, we’ve landed on a completely different island: Iceland.


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2017 Kiteboarding Collection: Endless Playground

27 Aug , 2016   Video

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 9.40.54 AM

It’s official ! the F-One 2017 Kiteboarding collection is now out and they’re is a lot to offer. See it all in action in the latest video, the Endless Playground, then keep on scrolling to check out the kite, board and foil options.

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Endless Playground: Introducing 2017 Kiteboarding Collection

19 Aug , 2016   Video


2017 is very special year for F-One with the release of the 10th edition of the BANDIT. Yes 10 years already… what a ride we have had with that kite and what a bright future with all those new products being released. Best way to check out the new collection is to do those 4 things: