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The Comeback: Liam Whaley’s Path to Recovery

8 Jun , 2021   Video

Follow along on Liam Whaley’s path to recovery.

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Riding the Iberian Peninsula

4 Jun , 2021   Video

Antoine Auriol heads off on a two month camper van trip around the Iberian Peninsula. Find out where he went and what gear he took with him.


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Slightly Off Featuring Matt Maxwell

2 Jun , 2021   Video

A short film about a waterman and how his environment shaped him.


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6 Reasons You Should Learn How to Kitefoil

22 Apr , 2021   Video

Antoine Auriol explains why kitefoiling is such an amazing sport especially if you already know how to kite.

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Why You Should Consider Impact Protection

16 Apr , 2021  

F-One tech rep Gaël Espeche reviews Manera’s Boom Vest.

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New F-One Phantom FCT

5 Apr , 2021   Video

The foils of the Phantom line are designed to glide effortlessly when pumping or connecting waves and prove very agile and precise when surfing.

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New F-One Rocket Air Range

1 Apr , 2021   Video

Starting at 4’10 (75L) and going all the way to 7’11 (185L) the Rocket Air line includes boards for all sports and all types of riders.

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F-One’s New Medium Flow Fins – More Bite For Bigger Guys

26 Mar , 2021  

F-One’s Billy Ackermann reviews the new FLOW Medium Carbon fins.

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Mitu’ Wave Setup

4 Mar , 2021  

When the swell hits the island of Sal in Cabo verde, you can find Mitu Monteiro, with his setup of choice.

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Hendrick Lopes kitesurfing Ponta Preta in Cabo Verde

2 Feb , 2021   Video

Riding waves is like riding my own life, never knowing how it’s going to end but focus in what I wish to achieve.

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F-One welcome multi-talented Hendrick Lopes

15 Jan , 2021   Video

No matter the board and what’s underneath it, Hendrick’s got the flow. He is able to make any type of conditions his favourite one. 18 years old from Cabo Verde, meet Hendrick Lopes ! Welcome to the team ! Filmed by Petole Films Photos Ana Catarina Photo

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TKB Review: BREEZE V3 “silky smooth yet reactive handling, the Breeze feels really light in the air’

14 Jan , 2021  

With silky smooth yet reactive handling, the Breeze feels really light in the air, staying put through the biggest holes in the wind. Its bar pressure rings in at light to medium with nice smooth progressive power and its airframe exhibits really good canopy structure, stability and control. One quality we particularly savored is the design’s unloaded turning characteristics that allowed the kite to turn while sheeted out with little line tension. Often in foiling, you want to change the kite’s window position but don’t want to heat up the magic carpet ride and the Breeze allows you to make those changes without pouring fuel on the fire.