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Focus: F-One NOOSA Longboard SUP – Impressive in its maneuverability and speed

11 Nov , 2016   Gallery


For the last few years the trend has been shifting towards riding shorter and shorter boards which have got wider to maintain both volume and stability. But is this the only trend to follow? The 2017 NOOSA SUP has been turning heads with its sleek, traditional longboard style, beautiful color scheme and performance driven design.


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2017 SUP Collection: Explore, Surf, Cruise, Foil, Enjoy !

5 Nov , 2016   Gallery


Explore, Surf, Cruise, Race, Foil, Enjoy

Stand up Paddle boarding allows us to see the world from a different angle. If you’re cruising or surfing your heart away, F-One has a wide collection for all paddlers. We are thrilled to present the latest additions to our 2017 collection: Papenoo, Noosa, Ocean and Magic.

A mix of state-of-the-art technology and F-ONE’s expertise to offer you the best SUPing experience.

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CATALOG: F-One SUP 2017 Global Catalog

4 Nov , 2016  


→ Click here to download the F-One 2017 SUP Catalog

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VIDEO: SUP Foiling a Tidal Bore – Check it out !

2 Nov , 2016   Video


F-One SUP & Prone team rider Ludovic Dulou SUP Foiling a tidal bore with a F-One Magic 9’6 dedicated SUP Foil board and freeride SUP Foil – Check the video !


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Madeiro Pro Carbon 8’0 first impressions – New size perfect for all-around SUP Surfing performance

25 Oct , 2016  


F-One has continued to shape the range into a true pro performance SUP Surfboard. In previous years I have paddled the 7’7 (87L) or 7’11 (95L) Madeiro SUP boards. For 2017 as the sizes and overall shape has changed a little, I decided to go up in volume and ride the 8’0 (100L) board to be more comfortable. Going to a bigger size I was worried that I would not be able to maneuver the board as well as the 7’7 or 7’11 sizes, but that is defiantly not the case. The Madeiro squash tail is VERY pulled in and thinned out to increase the performance and maneuverability dramatically for a sup surfboard. I really felt as if the 8’0 is the perfect compromise between stability and maneuverability for a 175-195lb advanced paddler. I had no problems putting this board wherever I wanted on the wave face. The Madeiro offers excellent speed and acceleration down the wave that enabled me to make it through quick breaking sections that I usually cannot make it past on my short board surfboard. All tech and specs aside, I highly recommend trying a Madeiro SUP Board if you are looking to gain the upper edge in the surf while still remaining stable and comfortable in any surf conditions


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Let’s fly: The F-One FOIL Range covers it all KiteFoil, SupFoil, WindFoil & SurfFoil

20 Oct , 2016   Video


The F-One SUP Range keeps growing, at this time we have 7 x wings (all carbon), 6 x aluminum masts, 3 x carbon masts, 2 x carbon stabilizers (1 freeride and 1 race), 2 x carbon fuselage ( 1 freeride and 1 race) and a lot of kite foilboards and/or SUP foilboards to choose from. And since all components are inter-changeable and compatible, you can customize your ride the way you want.

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PAPENOO First Impressions in the surf – New shape generates plenty of speed and allow for some snappy turns

26 Sep , 2016  


Here is my first impression on the Papenoo 7’11 SUP Foil (my weight is 175lbs , 6’1″). Had a chance to ride the latest Papenoo 7’11 SUP this morning at Ocean Beach in San Francisco at its best, 5 feet clean and glassy. This board is easy to paddle, stable yet is fast and very reactive from take off all the way down the line. Don’t let the squared off tail design fool you, the quad fin set up in conjunction with the deep concave underside at the tail produce a unique feeling of insane water flow, generating plenty of speed and allowing for snappy turns. Simply outstanding maneuverability! Let’s not forget that this is a multiple discipline board – SUP Surf , SUP Foil, Wind Foil (with the convertible version that can have inserts and mast rail). All bases are covered, need i say more ! Cheers , Bruce

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TKB: MANERA Interview with Brand Manager Jullien Salles

13 Sep , 2016   Video


MANERA Brand Manager Julien Salles explains the new 2017 collection to The Kiteboarder editors at the 2016 Surf Expo in Orlando, FL. More info here: http://www.thekiteboarder.com/2016/09/2017-manera-product-previews/