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Iksurfmag tests the Hybrid 800 Kitefoil “Having that float and volume makes learning so much easier”

28 Apr , 2017   Video


F-One have really stepped up their hydrofoil game for 2017 and they were pretty devoted to it last year too. They now offer a huge range of foils not just for kitesurfing, but also for SUP and windsurfing! The Freeride 90/800 set up is an easy to use platform that has been designed to offer enough performance to keep you interested for a long period of time, while still being very forgiving.

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StFYC Kite Race Series presented by Bluerush + F-One + Manera

19 Apr , 2017  


Weather permitting, the St Francis Yacht Club, located near famed Crissy Field in San Francisco, CA will kick off the 2017 Kite Race Series thursday afternoon April 20, 2017. Bluerush has returned in support of the series for the third year in a row and this year has been joined by F-One & Manera. The […]

F-One - Products - Reviews

Iksurfmag tests the BREEZE “Exceptional light wind kite… you literally only need a breeze”

18 Apr , 2017   Video


This kite completely blew our minds! It flew in barely any wind and performed incredibly well. Foilboarding on the BREEZE was so flowing and felt so easy, the power delivery from the BREEZE for foiling is ideal. Riding on a twin tip was smooth, user friendly and doable in light conditions. This kite should be on your radar if you’re a freeride, foiling fanatic. Likewise, if you’re a school or are at the learning stages then this kite flies in anything and is well worth a look.


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Iksurfmag tests the Trax HRD Lite Tech “a smooth ride with awesome pop”

18 Apr , 2017   Video


On the water the ride through chop is sublime, the HRD rail tech works well to smooth out the bimps and reduce spray. Combined with the softer flex of the glass version you are rewarded with incredible pop and release off the water. The wide outline of the 137 and the deep channels in the bottom of the board then help to smooth the landings. We found the Trax HRD to be a very easy and forgiving board to ride.


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Focus: F-One NOOSA Longboard SUP – Impressive in its maneuverability and speed

12 Apr , 2017   Video


For the last few years the trend has been shifting towards riding shorter and shorter boards which have got wider to maintain both volume and stability. But is this the only trend to follow? The 2017 NOOSA SUP has been turning heads with its sleek, traditional longboard style, beautiful color scheme and performance driven design.


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Product Video: RACE PRO Series 12’6 and 14′

11 Apr , 2017   Video

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The RACE PRO range is made of two specific models: 12’6 and 14’. Both have been through a complete re-design for 2017 to reach an even higher level of performance.

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Product Video: 2017 TOURING SUP Collection 11′, 12’6 and 14′

11 Apr , 2017   Video


The F-One TOURING collection elegantly combines high performances with versatility and aesthetics. 2017 TOURING Bamboo Deck; 3 sizes 11’0, 12’6 & 14’0

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F-One Next Gen team shines at the Youth World Cup

11 Apr , 2017  


70 kids from 12 different countries have competed this weekend in Saint Pierre la Mer, France. We have had some amazing heats from our F-ONE NEXT GENERATION groms which resulted on having 2 World Champions and being on 4 podiums! The very hard conditions have not stopped them from shredding.