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5 Feb , 2016   Video

Download the Diablo Manual here

F-One - Foil - Manuals

MANUAL: F-One Foil User Guide

14 Jul , 2015   Video

 F-One Foil User Guide How to Disassemble a F-One Foil? How to assemble/disassemble your F-ONE kitefoil from F-ONE KITE on Vimeo. Charles BERTRAND, designer of the F-ONE kitefoil explains how to assemble and disassemble it.

F-One - Manuals - Paddle

Manual: F-One 2015 SUP

20 Jan , 2015  

Download SUP 2015 Manual You will find below the F-ONE SUP rider manual that will be delivered in printed version with all the 2015 SUP. Safety rules How to use the new handle How to fix fins How to maintain your gear Manuel_Stand-Up-paddle_F-ONE_2015

F-One - Manuals

Manual: F-One 2015 Bandit 8

5 Nov , 2014  

Download F-One 2015 Bandit 8 Manual

F-One - Kite - Manuals

New Push Out Quick Release

11 Mar , 2014   Gallery

F-One has just released the one piece that is an integral part of a kite control bar that a LOT of riders around the world have been waiting for: a Push Out Quick Release !!. Although the old system was very reliable, it was time to move on with a more modern approach, with a push out system most brands are using now.

F-One - Manuals

Manual: F-One 2014 Trust 2

5 Feb , 2014  

Download F-One 2014 Trust 2 Manual

F-One - Manuals

Manual: F-One 2014 Bandit 7

5 Feb , 2014  

Download F-One 2014 Bandit 7   Manuel_BANDIT_2014_0.pdf