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South East Demo Tour 2018

16 Oct , 2018  

The F-One Van will be heading East from San Francisco and stopping at tons of locations along the way to Florida, check out our list and schedule to see where you can catch up and chat gear with our reps and riders. #foneculture

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BAKS Crew’s first impressions of the 2015 Signature Surfboard

24 Sep , 2014   Gallery

The 2015 Signature is a must try, get with your local shop and demo one today!! Until then check out what Rider Billy Ackerman has to say and check out the epic pics. #gopro #mygo

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BAKS Crew’s first impressions of the 2015 Madeiro PRO SUP

23 Sep , 2014   Gallery

The Florida BAKS Crew gives there first thoughts on the 2015 Madeiro PRO Carbon SUP range!

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BAKS Crew’s first impressions of the 2015 Mitu PRO

19 Sep , 2014   Gallery

Had the pleasure to ride the 2015 Mitu Pro 5¹6 over the weekend . First notable impression was how smooth the board cuts through chop, it’s like slicing through butter

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2014 NEW Mitu Pro Strapless Surfboard

4 Dec , 2013  

Extremely responsive, stable, easy planing freestyle surfboard! Check out all the details and find out why this board is an impressive performer in any conditions!!

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2014 F-ONE Signature Surf Series VIDEO

25 Nov , 2013  

The Signature Surf Series is designed for pure wave riding! Check out the 2014 Line-up.


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2014 F-One Surfboards Collection

18 Oct , 2013  

For 2014, the F-One Surfboards has been entirely revamped with the introduction of the new Mitu Pro collection, a new deck construction and some more innovative features.

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Signature 5’10 is F-One most versatile surfboard

31 May , 2013   Gallery

For a board that is so light I can’t believe how strong it is. I can not ask for anything more in a strapless board. I definitely recommend this board to anybody looking for a surfboard to kite on.


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SBC Kiteboarding tests the Signature 5’10

29 May , 2013  

The 5’10” Signature is all about comfort and control at high speeds. Its surf shape is designed to handle strong wind and down-the-line wave riding.


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Alec Dektor’s favorite board: Signature 6’0 Quad

5 Apr , 2013   Gallery

I definitely recommend this board to anybody looking for a surfboard to kite on. Whether you are learning or experienced on a surfboard and whether you ride straps or not, you can not go wrong with this board.

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BAKS reviews the 2013 Surf 6’2

28 Mar , 2013  

My go to board for both paddle surfing and of course kitesurfing – this board provides the best of both worlds in one very stylish package , including F-Ones standard full bamboo construction with V bottom , wider nose + future fin thruster set up.


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Tutorial: Front side off the lip with Alec Dektor

14 May , 2012   Video

The basic frontside off the lip is every rider’s introduction to riding a wave with a kite. A good top turn involves a lot of timing between your kite, your board position, and the wave and it can take some time to pull it all together.