Liam Coralle Shredding Ho‘okipa


Liam Coralle, 16 yo Maui local, shares a little bit about his most recent winter swell session out at the renowned surf spot, Ho‘okipa. 

“This winter has been firing so far. I’ve been riding all the best spots on Maui’s North Shore. The day of this shoot I was at Ho’okipa. It was about 6-8 ft Hawaiian (12-16 ft faces) and super light trade winds.

There was only about 4 windsurfers out with me. We had the whole place for ourselves. When it’s that size anything can happen so it makes a huge difference to be on the perfect gear to have as much control as possible.”


In intense conditions, gear is everything

“I was on my 4 meter V3 and riding the 750 SK8 foil with the brand new 85HM carbon mast. The SK8 gives me full control in my top turns and handles full speed bottom turns very well. I also love the pop on it for aerials and on wave front flips. The 4m V3 feels super light while on the wave and is very responsive for airs and tricks. This was a great day with a couple of close calls.”

Liam Coralle


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Liam's Quiver


Catch lightning

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The SK8

Carving is not a crime

Get in your flow, feel every turn and be ready to shred like never before with the SK8. Designed for surfing, this foil doesn’t just turn. It carves. Bringing control, maneuverability and pure glide, the SK8 lets you draw dreamy lines and takes your surf to the next level.


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