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Protect yourself when foiling, wear a helmet and an impact vest

9 Nov , 2015  

It’s a no brainer to use a helmet on a mountain bike, or for the vast majority of skiers and/or snowboarders. Same for kayakers. And for good reasons. We strongly believe every foiler should wear a helmet at all time. An impact vest is also a very good idea especially if you foil in areas where you don’t need a wetsuit. Your head and ribs ribs will thank you for that.


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F-ONE on top at the Ta-Hoe Nalu Race

17 Aug , 2015   Gallery

For the second year in a row, F-One had one of its riders at the top of the podium, both for the 10 and the 5 mile race of the 2015 Ta-Hoe Nalu at Kings Beach.

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EVENT: 13th Annual PismoBeach KiteXpo April 10-12

24 Feb , 2015  

BAKS crew will be attending the 13th annual Kite and SUP expo in Pismo Beach, California. We hope to see as many riders as possible. It’s a fun event and a great location to ride (sup morning session and kiting later in the day) We will have all the latest F-One kiteboarding and SUP gear on the beach for you to try for free.

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New website – New experience – Check it out !

6 Feb , 2015   Gallery

BAKS has a brand new website ! with a cleaner and more user friendly and intuitive interface, where finding a product, its specifications, reviews, the associated catalogs and the various tutorials or manuals is a breeze. Our retailers will find all the resources they need in one place. We hope you will like it ! […]