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What Are They Riding? – Kitefoil Edition

3 May , 2022   Video

Find out what Charles Brodel, Hugo Marin and Titouan Galea were riding in Cape Town.


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Spotlight: Aqua Surf Shop in San Francisco

14 Apr , 2022  

Aqua Surf Shop owner Devin Dargell fills us in on Ocean Beach’s iconic surf shop.

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Test Days – F-ONE Florida Demo Tour

5 Nov , 2021  

We’re headed on a demo tour around Florida so you can try out all the latest gear!

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Two New Colorways for the Strike Wing

29 Jul , 2021  

In addition to the original 3 colorways, F-One has added 2 new colorways to the Strike! 5x colors are now available in all sizes.


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Torque Tech Tips – Maintaining Your Foil Hardware

6 Jul , 2021  

Tighten the torque screws on your foil before every session.

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Spotlight in Puerto Rico: Goodwinds at Dorado Beach Resort

29 Apr , 2021  

Goodwinds owner Phil Morstad fills us in on his school and what makes Puerto Rico such an amazing place to visit.


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School Spotlight in Barbados: Kitesurf Intl

18 Mar , 2021  

Kitesurf Intl school owner Carolina Dickenson fills us in on her school and what makes Barbados an amazing location to visit.

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School Spotlight: Shaka Vibes in Cancun & Isla Blanca, Mexico

15 Sep , 2020  

As a pro-windsurfer in his native France, Maxime Lhuillier moved to Cancun 8 years ago to be the National coach for Mexico. He opened up Shaka Vibes, his windsurfing school and has expanded his activity to paddleboarding and kiteboarding, and now wing foiling too.


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Snow + Ice Winging in New Hampshire | Squambats Group

20 Dec , 2019  

The Squambats Group has been promoting and selling Kite wings in the New England region (North East USA) in the geographic mecca in the Lakes region.  We are Ice and Snow Kiters, as well as lake and ocean kiters.  The new F-One Swings are perfect for ice safety as the wings free float, are very lightweight, and frameless too!


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Ozzy’s Wing School in La Ventana, Baja

12 Dec , 2019  

Long time F-One kite and foil instructor Ozzy will soon be offering lessons on the new F-One Swing in La Ventana, Baja! We are super excited to have Ozzy, Ziggy and Luis teach this fantastic up and coming sport.


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Xtreme Downwinder Challenge 115km in DR – Cabarete to Buen Hombre

18 Sep , 2019  

Twelve kiteboarders took on a never before done Xtreme Challenge in the Dominican Republic! Kiteboarding over 117km along the beautiful northern coastline of the island, from Cabarete to Buen Hombre.

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Best Kiteboarding School in Dominican Republic: Liquid Blue Cabarete

19 Jun , 2019   Video

A short and super nice video of our favorite kiteboarding school in Cabarete, Dominican Republic; Liquid Blue, a F-One and Manera Demo Center, Shop & School! Here you will find friendly and knowledgeable staff for all your water sports needs while in Cabarete: Kiteboarding, Foiling, SUPing.

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