We were invited by F-One for one memorable week of trying out the new 2014 F-One kitebaording, SUP and Manera collection. Conditions were PERFECT with big swell and wind ! One week to remember.
Coming soon (early 2014...): MANERA EXO Harness
We presented the 2014 collection for F-One Kiteboarding and Underwave at the 2013 Surfexpo in Orlando, in early September
For 2014, the F-One Surfboards has been entirely revamped with the introduction of the new Mitu Pro collection, a new deck construction and some more innovative features.
The 2014 F-One Bandit is ready ! Exceptional power with improved bar feeling, new fabric, new push release, etc...
F-one unrivaled experience brings you an innovative rail design, the HRD Helical Rail Design, to be found on the all new Trax and Acid range
I really couldn't find anything wrong with the board. I'm sure there are some things that could be better, but I couldn't find them. The board does everything I'd want a board to do. I'm now excited about riding twin tips again.
Robert Graham explains how the bridles work on the new 2014 Bandit. Very informative !
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It goes upwind very easily with minimal spray to the face in medium chop. It likes to be ridden fast and it locks like a train on rails, allowing you very smooth and sharp turns, without losing power in mid-transition. It is better in light wind than both the 2013 TX and 2013 Trax.