Designed to brave the cold even at 79 degrees north, discover some of our new Fall/Winter collection.
Experience the absolute refinement of this newest edition of the BANDIT which offers legendary precision feel and increase the overall comfort.
The purest connection between the rider and the ocean now has a new collection. Feel more, ride better, experience the unexpected.
Known for its incredible lightness, the Swing V2 comes back with an even lighter feel.
"Undoubtedly a collective achievement, it was also a great personal investment. And it’s a special feeling to see such a wide range of products sharing the same design approach and serving so many sports and styles with the experience of foiling as common ground. Our foils have never been so easy, intuitive and rewarding to use. I’m proud of what we’ve done here."
ACCESSORIES 2 0 2 0   C O L L E C T I O N You can ride without but you’ll always feel better with them! Discover the range on www.manera.com
NEW BOARDBAGS 2 0 2 0   C O L L E C T I O N Make sure you go on an adventure with a handy, highly protective & durable bag. Discover the range on www.manera.com
HARNESS 2 0 2 0  C O L L E C T I O N Experience the comfort of a supportive yet adaptable harnesses Discover the range on www.manera.com
DESIGNED IN 3D When the industry standard widely develop 2D patterns and try to fit it on a 3D body, we decided to break new ground and take the opposite direction. We used computer design to model good-fitted wetsuits in 3D, then we employ an innovative software that converts it into a precise 2D pattern for the factory. It creates a natural, second-skin fit that makes the MANERA wetsuits stand out.
New 2020 Collection is out of the bag ! Enjoy all conditions, from 0 to 50 kts
The new 2019 F-One Touring & Race Collection is now out and available in the North American market. It's a full revamp of the range, check out the new designs, team riders liek Josh Riccio have been using the new boards during the last 6 months, and they go fast ! You can browse the catalog here or check the F-One website here.
Manera 2019 Collection