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Stay Salty with Manera’s Summer Essentials

16 Jun , 2021  

With summer temperatures heating up, we’ve got you covered with all of the summertime essentials.

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Why We Chose Bamboo for Manera’s New Changing Poncho

9 Jun , 2021  

While changing ponchos have become more commonplace in the surf world, we set out to make it a warmer, softer, cleaner and greener product.

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Analyzing Justine Dupont’s January 16th Ride at Jaws

1 Jun , 2021   Video

Former Surfer Magazine editor Sam George comments on Justine Dupont’s extraordinary performance at Peahi on January 16th, 2021.

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How is Climate Change Affecting Big Wave Surfing?

26 May , 2021   Video

KSBW reporter Kevin Stark catches up with some of Mavericks big wave surfers to find out how climate changing affecting big wave surfing.


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Justine Dupont Wins Mavericks Female Performer of the Year

17 May , 2021   Video

Manera’s Justine Dupont wins Female Performer of the Year at the 2021 Mavericks Awards performance video contest.


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Behind the Product: Manera Wetsuits Magma – X10D – Seafarer

6 Mar , 2021   Video

“Behind the product” is a short series of videos explaining how we built our range and its products characteristics. On this video, we explain our Neoprene range

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Justine Dupont’s crazy big wave rides at Mavs and Jaws

2 Feb , 2021  

Manera’s Big Wave surfer ambassador Justine Dupont has been on total fire in her wild tour on the west coast, from Mavericks to Todos Santos then on to Maui where she caught the biggest barrel of her life tow surfing Jaws on Super Swell Saturday (Jan 19, 2021). Conditions have been absolutely EPIC and that all started at Mavericks back in December. Check out her massive barrel and also a recap of her tour (in French) below.

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F-One welcome multi-talented Hendrick Lopes

15 Jan , 2021   Video

No matter the board and what’s underneath it, Hendrick’s got the flow. He is able to make any type of conditions his favourite one. 18 years old from Cabo Verde, meet Hendrick Lopes ! Welcome to the team ! Filmed by Petole Films Photos Ana Catarina Photo


Peyo Lizarazu Surf Foil Session – Fast and Radical

9 Jan , 2021   Video

Peyo is a well known French surfer based in the Basque country close to the Spanish border. He started surf foiling a few years back and has a very engaging style. Fast and radical, watch Peyo’s very own surf foiling style.


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15 Nov , 2020   Video

2020, a year like no others.
A year where life as we have known it doesn’t exist anymore.
Luckily we are passionate about the ocean.
This means that even when we are stuck at home not being able to ride, we always have something to look forward to.


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New MANERA Boots

6 Nov , 2020  

The new MANERA boots come in two models, the MAGMA 5mm and the X10D 3mm. Both are designed in 3D for a perfect fit and with no velcro, which is one of our favorite feature (no more flapping and sticking to your wetsuit when in a bag or a bucket). They are very easy to put on and off and dry very quickly. The grip is also top notch, overall great boots.

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New MANERA Poncho

5 Nov , 2020  

This is the perfect accessory to change before and after riding, plus it will get you warm and dry in a minute. Poncho is a widely used product, but we’ve been looking for a warmer, softer, cleaner and greener product.

This new version features a higher collar that protects your neck from the wind, a larger bottom cut to improve freedom of movement and a hood tightening system.

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