Jack Ho joins the F-ONE team

Welcome Jack Ho To the F-One Team.

O’ahu native and foil surfer extraordinaire, Jack Ho never misses a chance to catch a good swell and ride offshore bumps during a long downwind with friends.

Jack began to surf at five, and his passion for the waves only intensified ever since. At 13, he took up foiling after seeing a handful of riders on his local spot and begging his dad to let him try too.

At 15, he discovered the bliss of downwinders along with a small group of friends, including the likes of waterman and fellow F-ONE team member Simeon Ke-Paloma, which ultimately became the Voyager Foilers. Now 19, Jack is already a runner-up of the Maui 2 Molokai race and looks forward to racing the Molokai 2 Oahu this year.

We are super stoked for Jack to join our team. Welcome Jack!