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SOURCE Video Instructional

2 Mar , 2011  

The SOURCE is an innovative 2 line kite to be used as a sail on a SUP board for really light wind, starting at 5kts and up to 14/16kts, depending on size.

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F-One - Tutorials

How to setup the 3rd Line Kit on a Source ?

4 Feb , 2011  

3rd line kit tutorial for the Source. We are offering a free 3rd line kit for any purchase of a complete Source kite, which greatly improve the relaunching ability. Ask your dealer for more info.

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Events - News

La Ventana Classic 2011

2 Feb , 2011  

This year was totally different from last , we had wind ! Wind for kiting AND wind for Sourcing !

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Kite - News


2 Aug , 2010  

Introducing the First Dedicated Stand Up Kite, 2 line setup, for light wind conditions. Open up kiteboarding to a greater audience.

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