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StFYC Kite Race Series Presented by F-One, Manera & Bluerush: Thursday, May 18th, 2017

19 May , 2017   Gallery


Oh boy, it does not get much better than that. Tonight, marked the third night of the season and the conditions could not have been better. 25Knots at Anita rock made for some exciting (and fast) racing. Most of the fleet was on 8-11m kites which means 25 Knots upwind and 30+ downwind bringing exciting racing right to the beach at Crissy!

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Events - F-One - Manera

StFYC Kite Race Series recap: Thursday, May 4, 2017

5 May , 2017   Gallery


Yet another fun and, competitive night. After having a beautiful week in San Francisco, the city by the bay showed her true colors. Fog down to the deck, 30 degree shifts and 20 knot puffs (perhaps the 0 knot lulls were more important). it was truly a “the coldest summer racing I ever spent was tonight in San Francisco”.


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StFYC Kite Race Series recap: Thursday, April 20, 2017

25 Apr , 2017   Gallery


St Francis Kite Race Series kicked off this Thursday. A perfect summer evening, warm winds, flat water and big smiles. we only got two races in as the wind tapered quickly at the end of the second and the boats were busy fishing some folks out of the water. Johnny Heineken took the night (1,1), showing that he is again race ready for a fast season, Johnny was followed by out of towner Denis Taradin (2,3) showing that even your average Thursday night is an international event.