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14 Jul , 2017  

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A mix of fog, sun and gusty winds framed last night’s race (July 13, 2017). Most riders started out on 8-9m but were forced to trade up to 10s and 11s after a significant die off in the first race.  Nico Parlier (1,1,3) having the foresight to take an 11m in the first race pulled of an impressive horizon job on the fleet, rounding the windward mark far far ahead of the rest of the fleet. Joey (2,3,1) and Johnny (3,2,2) did their best to catch up downwind but with the shifty, gusty and lightening wind couldn’t catch the visiting Frenchman, who is in training mode for the upcoming Hydrofoil Pro Tour in San Francisco Aug 2-6.  The second race saw the top three rounding each mark within seconds of each other despite choosing different tactics downwind; Nico taking the inside track, while Johnny and Joey stuck outside for more guaranteed pressure.  The third race was much the same as the wind seemed to hold steady across the course and Joey ended up winning that one. Seth Besse (5,4,4) and Chip Wasson (4,6,6) rounded out the top 5.

Thank you to the RC volunteers for a job well done as always.


SFTYC Race Series - July 13, 2017

SFTYC Race Series

SFTYC Race Series

SFTYC Race Series

Schedule: June 27, August 10 & 24, September 7 & 21, 2017

For more information, schedule, registration, notice of race, entry list, race committee, etc… visit the StFYC website:


STFYC Race Series Presented by F-One, Manera & Bluerush