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Manawa 10’6″ ASC – One of the Most Accessible Boards for Any Type of Paddling

2 Dec , 2021  

Ideal for the beginners and intermediate riders, the MANAWA 10’6″ ASC will follow you along your learning process.

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Focus: 2017 F-One MANAWA Series SUP

17 May , 2017   Video

The Manawa line has been designed to offer the most stable, versatile and accessible boards. All the shapes feature generous volume and width to make the boards super easy. Ideal for your afternoon cruise along the beach, on a river or a lake, these boards will also let you catch and surf your first waves. Available Sizes; 9’0″ / 9’6″ / 10’0” / 10’6″


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FOCUS: The Manawa 2016 range

21 Dec , 2015   Video

The MANAWA Series SUP Boards are perfect to catch and surf your first waves. Available in a beautiful color scheme and an awesome array of sizes, the 2016 MANAWA can accommodate any recreational stand up paddle enthusiast.

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CATALOG: F-One 2016 SUP Collection

8 Oct , 2015  

→ Download F-ONE 2016 SUP Global Catalog

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2016 SUP Collection

1 Sep , 2015   Video

Check out the 2016 F-One SUP collection! The R&D has worked hard to improve upon last year collection. You will find updated shapes, new products, new graphics, new construction, etc… there is no doubt you will find a board and/or a paddle that will suit you, we guarantee it ! CATALOG BOARDS INFLATABLE: This year’s novelty is our […]

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Discover the 2015 MANAWA ASC construction

24 Nov , 2014   Gallery

This is going to be one of the top sellers in the 2015 range, meet the MANAWA ASC (AIR SHIELD COMPOSITE) 10’6!

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Discover the 2015 F-ONE Manawa SUP range

17 Nov , 2014   Gallery

Super versatile, stable, and an all around fun ride, meet The MANAWA SUP range for 2015!

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Introducing Air Shield Composite technology on the Manawa 10’6

19 Jun , 2014  

The ASC (Air Shield Composite) is built around an extremely lightweight EPS foam core, injected in a dedicated mold. This core is then laminated and pressed in another mold with fiber glass and epoxy resin, which is then surrounded by a protective shield made of a high quality top sheet layer.

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2014 MANAWA Sup Video Presentation

27 Feb , 2014   Video

Manawa 9'6

The MANWA range has been designed to offer some versatile, stable and perfectly accessible boards. They will prove ideal for all the family cruising out at sea, on rivers or lakes but will also enable you to surf and catch your first waves. The range is made of five boards from 10’6 to 8’6” to fit anyone’s weight and level with the right volume/length ratio

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Review of the Manawa 8’6 in San Diego

24 May , 2013   Gallery

I love the maneuverability of the board, and once you catch a wave with it, surfing is pure fun, it reacts very quickly to turning input and is a joy to ride.

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