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TRUST tested by iKsurfmag – Must read !

19 Mar , 2013  

Make things easy for yourself, learner drivers don’t rush out and buy a brand new Formula 1 car, and in the same vein the Trust will allow you to progress your riding far quicker than a more performance orientated kite.

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The Kiteboarder’s review of the Ocean DOLPHIN Helmet

14 Mar , 2013  

Our tester used the Dolphin for both kiteboarding and swimming through the surf with his camera. He reported this helmet to be comfortable, warm, and unobtrusive. The Dolphin’s venting system seems to work very well as our tester commented that the helmet stayed put and never felt like it was trying to pull away while diving under waves.

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B6 6m Test by Iksurfmag

10 Dec , 2012  

2013 Bandit 6m Test and Review in Cape Town by Iksurfmag


Brand - F-One - Reviews

IKSURF Magazine Review of 2012 Trax 134

9 Aug , 2012  

Original Source: IKSURF Magazine At A Glance The F-One Trax has been in the range for 7 years now, and this latest incarnation takes the design another stage further on.  New for this year the V shaped bottom with a double concave, aimed at improving speed and performance. The flex has also been tweaked and […]

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Review: Underwave Wetsuit

3 Aug , 2012  

Written by Alec Dektor I have surfed and/or kited everyday since I got my new Underwave suit and harness.  The 5x3mm Imperial full suit is very warm; it is also very flexible and does not restrict my arms or legs which helps me kite exactly how I want to.  I can be in the water […]

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The new F-One 5’11 surfboard is awesome !

30 Jul , 2012  

At first sight, the board looks really clean and I love the bamboo look on the deck. The white pads are really classy and I love the fact that I don’t need to mess around with wax to keep it under my feet, with or without booties. It feels light and rigid. ompared to the 6’0 signature series I found it easier to ride with more versatility. Adding straps is really easy with the metal inserts if the conditions calls for it and being in a minimalist mood, it seems that this 5’11 is the only board I will carry around from now on.

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The Kiteboarder Review: Underwave Harness

12 Jul , 2012  

Original Source: The Kiteboarder Magazine June 15, 2012 Using an air-tight pouch within the shell, the Imperial harness molds to your back when you pump the air out of it, creating a truly customized fit. $269 Visit Bay Area Kitesurf for information about this product in North America.  The Underwave Imperial Vacuum Harness is […]

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Introducing F-One’s New TwinTip, The UNIK

6 Jul , 2012  

Tested and Reviewed by Boardsports School Kiteboarding Instructor,  Vincent Nicolas Testing conditions: 18knts on shore in small surf at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Not only only are the graphics nice to look at, but the flashy colors and the bright orange on the sides make the board easy to spot in the water when you […]

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The Kiteboarder Mag Reviews the 2012 VOLT II, F-ONE Freeride kite

2 Jul , 2012  

Original Source: The Kiteboarder Magazine June 28, 2012 From F-One: Each year, the Volt benefits from the evolution of its big brother, the Bandit. This year’s VOLT 2 improves once more while remaining intuitive and accessible to all. The VOLT 2 gives you confidence during your first session with progressive traction as well as great […]

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Another work of art from F-One – IKSURF reviews the 2012 6’2″ Surf

11 Jun , 2012  

IKSurf just reviewed the all new 2012 F-One Surf 6’2″. We are exciting to know that the all new surf is “the perfect board to take on a surf trip “

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2012 F-One Signature 6’0 – reviewed by IKsurfMag

14 May , 2012  

  If you were wondering how is the new 012 Signature check the IKsurfMag review.   “Quad fins are faster, looser and offer more drive off the back foot” “The 6’0″ is shaping up to be somewhat of a beast”   More here.


F-One Bandit 5 Named One of Top 3 All Terrain Kite

13 Apr , 2012  

“The Bandit has some of the most adaptive handling out there, with great  upwind power, comfort and easy handling it’s great whether you’re in waves or flat water.” SBC Kiteboard Names F-One Bandit V One of Top Three All-Terrain Kites. The Criteria “These three kites posted the top scores, with great marks in all categories […]

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