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Demo Tour: Green Hat Kitefest 2019

25 Apr , 2019  

Bruce Johnson is heading to Green Hat Kitefest this year to represent F-One & Manera brands. He’ll run a beach clinic on different types of foils and will raffle off a $500 F-One Kite or Foil Gift certificate to GH Kiteboarding.


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Demo Tour: Green Hat Kitefest NJ April 28, 2018

25 Apr , 2018  

Kitefest 2018 – Hosted by Green Hat Kiteboarding
When: Saturday, April 28 – 29th at 10 AM – 6 PM EST
Where: Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club and Donovan’s Reef Beach Bar


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Event Recap: Green Hat Kitefest 2017

26 Apr , 2017   Gallery

The 3rd Annual Green Hat Kiteboarding KiteFest 2017 took place on Sunday, April 23rd at Sandy Hook Bay Catamaran Club in New Jersey and we sent East Coast Rep Nate Scheu to spread the F-One and Manera stoke. The schedule of events included clinics from brands covering topics such as introductions to kiteboarding and hydrofoiling, bar tuning, self-rescues, riding strapless surfboards, gybing and tacking directional boards, big air, and more. F-One and Manera would like to thank Vadim and Brian from Green Hat Kiteboarding for their hospitality and dedication to running such an awesome event. It was an honor and a pleasure to be involved!