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28 Aug , 2015   Video

The Platinium3 Bindings are probably the most comfortable combo strap / pad on the market!


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27 Aug , 2015   Video

For 2016 the Mitu Monteiro Pro Model Surf board is looking better than ever. With a few small improvements we are continuing to take your strapless game to the next level with this team weapon of choice! Offered in 5’4″, 5’6″, 5’8″, 5’10” click below to get all the details!


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FOCUS: F-ONE 2016 Signature Surfboard

26 Aug , 2015   Video

The SIGNATURE boards are designed for pure surfing with a shape that comes out of a long evolution of our kite surfboards. Offered in a 5’10” and 6’0″ sizes this board is perfect for traditional surfing and charging big waves!


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25 Aug , 2015   Video

Team rider Joey Pasquali is currently leading the rankings on the Diablo Kite and F-ONE Foil board in the San Francisco Thursday Night Race series. Joey also placed 4th in the 2015 Kitefoil Goldcup! Read more about the 2016 F-ONE DIABLO !

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FOCUS: F-One 2016 BANDIT 9 Kite

24 Aug , 2015   Video

We could not be more excited to release the 2016 Bandit! After 9 years of development on the Bandit, we have yet again improved and refined each size for its program. #banditkite


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New BIG AIR Pump

9 Jul , 2015  

Pump your kite twice as fast as before with the new F-One BIG AIR Pump ! This is no fluke, and for the price difference between the old model ($46) and the new model ($49), it’s a no brainer. Pump is also provided with a SUP Inflatable type connector and is compatible with standard or large kite valves.

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PRODUCTS: Introducing MANERA METEOR Wetsuits range

14 Apr , 2015   Gallery

MANERA is expanding its collection and is now offering a complete range of wetsuits for MEN & WOMEN, from the MAGMA 5/4/3 Steamer Full Suit to the X10D 2/2 Shorty Short Sleeves. All in all, the METEOR collection is composed of 23 models in various panels thicknesses, 2 different neoprene technologies (MAGMA and X10D) and multiple colors.

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PRODUCTS: New adjustable Paddle – PEAK Full Carbon

5 Apr , 2015   Gallery

New for 2015, the F-One PEAK full carbon is now available in a fully adjustable version!

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All New 2015 TRUST Kite under the microscope

13 Mar , 2015   Gallery

The all new F-One 2015 TRUST Kite will be available in April. We will design it as the T3 since this is the 3rd generation of the TRUST. Designed for FREERIDING, the 2015 TRUST is a completely new kite, easier to use and yet with better performances. It benefits from all the work and progress achieved in terms of construction and shape with its elder sibling the 2015 BANDIT.

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TKB Tester: The Bandit stole my vote for best kite of the day

10 Feb , 2015  

TKB Review: 2015 F-ONE BANDIT¬†February 10, 2015 Source:¬†http://www.thekiteboarder.com/2015/02/tkb-review-2015-f-one-bandit-2/ F-ONE Bandit Sizes Available: Sizes Tested: F-one Says: The 2015 Bandit has undergone a complete redesign in terms of fabric usage, layout, while improvements in the canopy profile and a brand new 4-point bridle offer greater stability, a clean and direct bar feeling with more forward traction […]


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Discover the new Manera 2015 EXO and SENSO Harnesses – Available Now !

10 Feb , 2015   Gallery

Good news ! The new MANERA 2015 EXO Harness is now available for the North American market The 2015 version is building on the success of the 2014 version, with it unique Dispersion Frame Technology. The new version has an upgraded NEST foam for a better confort. The neoprene liner has also been upgraded to […]