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New Phantom Carbon 940

25 Jun , 2021  

The Phantom Line Just Got Bigger

F-ONE adds a new size to the Phantom line for the most experienced and demanding riders.

The Main Advantages

The Phantom 940 is an absolute speed machine.

Extremely maneuverable, the 940 allows radical turns.

Endless glide on any bumps or waves.

“Smooth accelerations, comfortable stability, and insane maneuverability in all conditions. This foil lets me forget everything and focus purely on my performance. The 940 has turned into my daily driver for all things foil.”

— Billy Ackermann

The Most Complete Range

The foils of the Phantom line are designed to glide effortlessly.
Their unique high aspect ratio offer out-of-this-world sensations no matter what size you ride. Whether you choose to prone surf, wing foil, SUP foil or downwind, the Phantom is incredibly versatile in terms of performance and agility. A true masterpiece of composite craftsmanship and design, the foils are light, strong and provide maximum control.

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