Tkb Review: 2021 F-One Trax HRD Lite Tech “Efficency, Edge Control and Chop-Friendly Handling”

The Kiteboarder Magazine tested the 2021 Trax HRD Lite Tech to find that itcombines the right amount of tech with mid-line construction that gives you efficiency, edge control and chop-friendly handling that makes this a great option for both casual cruisers and all-around intermediate freeriders.

SourceThe Kiteboarder Magazine

Sizes Available: 135 x 39, 136 x 40.5, 137 x 42, 140 x 45cm
Sizes Tested: 136 x 40.5cm

F-One Says:

The TRAX has a long heritage and is one of the most popular twin tips on the market. It is the ultimate freeride and freestyle board with a unique feeling on the water, offering both speed and comfort. The HRD Rail plays a significant role in the way the board performs, and it sets it apart from everything else out there.

With its easy to ride performance – perfect for beginners and experts alike, the Trax is smooth and forgiving. Combining early planing, upwind ability and control there is plenty of performance at your disposal when you need it. From flat water to harsh chop the TRAX can handle it, you’ll get a ride like no other.

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TKB Says:

Having been firmly established as the flagship model in the F-One twin tip lineup, the Trax comes in three different versions, starting with a high-end carbon on the top. In the middle, you have the HRD Lite Tech (which shares many of the same shapes as the carbon) and then the standard Trax model which is a bit different. This year, we tested the HRD Lite Tech which gets you the classic smooth Trax ride with all the bells and whistles without committing to the high-end carbon version.

Tech: HRD rails, Lite Tech tips, wood core
Fins: 50mm Uibox fins
Bottom: Single concave with a step/channel
Flex: A little less than medium

The HRD Lite Tech version rings in at a decent medium weight with its wood core and bi-axial glass construction and ABS sidewalls. The bottom shape features the classic single concave with a full-length channel or step near the rails that give the Trax HRD LT its locked-in yet smooth ride. The Trax was one of the first twin tips to incorporate F-One’s HRD rails, with its rounded 3D edge through the center of the board that transitions to a tighter/sharper rail as you move towards the tip. The flex pattern on the HRD feels middle of the road, not super stiff like a comp board, but not soft and flexy like a progression board either. The Lite Tech feature routes two narrow lines of transparent material down the center of the board, which is more of an aesthetic feature when you hold the board up into the sun. The flex on the Trax Lite Tech gives you just enough reflex in the core for mid-level load and pop jumping, and it’s just soft enough to feel forgiving when you land hard or hammer through a chopped-up woop section. The progressive rocker combines with the boxy nose to allow you a really easy upwind ride, giving you enough width and glide to blaze upwind with a fairly efficient and fast feel. The Trax with its Unibox 50mm fins does a good job of balancing grip against playfulness. You get just enough grip to make jamming upwind feel confident and secure, yet its just skatey enough to break free on transitions, carves and extra creative freestyle moves. We spent quite a bit of time on this version of the Trax and we’re convinced that the formula of 3D rails, channeled concave on the bottom and the Trax outline does an incredible job of blending efficiency, edge control and chop-friendly handling that make this board a great option for both casual cruisers and all-around intermediate freeriders looking to push themselves.

The Trax HRD Lite Tech came with the Platinum3 Bindings. The deck is fitted with three insert positions for adjusting stance width and the pads have a lot of options for choosing your duck. The footbeds feature a smooth rubbery footbed that has quite a bit of contour built into them with a fairly dense and middle-of-the-road grippy texture. The strap is a single Velcro adjustment with the ability to set the strap position forward over your toes or further back over your arches when you rig up the pad. The beauty of a single Velcro adjustment strap is the ease of adjustment, particularly on the water. The Platinum3s do a great job of accommodating a large range of foot sizes and while you may not get to tweak the zones, the strap and pads do an excellent job of keeping you connected to the board while giving you a solid feel for the board. Testers commented on the straps’ comfort, their firm footbeds and their ability to adjust to a wide spectrum of foot sizes.

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