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Mitu’s Stories – EP. 1: Pacasmayo

16 Aug , 2022   Video

Join Mitu Monteiro on his latest adventures around the world!

After more than a decade performing at the highest level and inspiring an entire generation, Mitu now spends his time between his family and raising three boys — who will most likely follow his path — and enjoying the freedom of a competition-less life.

In this first episode, Mitu heads to Pacasmayo in Peru for a coaching clinic and finds some great spots along the way. Catch up with him, watch him tackle one of the longest waves, and learn more about this trip and the community and its traditions.

F-ONE’s new series “Mitu’s Stories” follows the kitesurfing legend during his travels to various countries to share his passion and surf some legendary waves. From coaching clinics to discovering the local culture, immerse yourself in his daily whereabouts as he revels in epic riding conditions and stunning landscapes.

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