A Day in Wingfoil Paradise: Cabarete, DR

F-One Tech Rep Gael Espeche meets up with the Liquid Blue team in Cabarete to check out some new wingfoiling spots in the Dominican Republic.

Words by Gael Espeche

It’s a hot early morning in Cabarete, Domincan Republic, while we wait for some early thermals to kick in. Today, we are hosted by Ocean Dream Cabarete by Sea Lane and enjoy its amenities: lodging on the ground floor with access to a grassy area to assemble our gear, an infinity pool on the beach and a stunning view of the bay of Cabarete.

Sitting in the shade on the covered terrace at the Harmony Residence with our local riders Samuela Mule (best local woman on water) and Charles Osterlund (local shop owner of Liquid Blue), we start to plan a wingfoil session in the bay with a downwinder passed the reef to score some waves at el Roncon, just north of Kite Beach.

The first order of the day is a nice brunch while we discuss what equipment we will use. The conditions for today are on the lighter side (15-17 knots) with shoulder high waves which is a bit of a change from the 30 knots of wind and head high waves we got used to the week before! However, these conditions are good enough to enjoy a beautiful session between friends in paradise!

Samela Mule (54kg / 119 lbs) selected a Strike V2 4m paired with a Rocket Wing 4’8” (44L), carbon 75cm mast and Phantom 1200. Samuela is looking for an easy take off and some long rides on the swell.

Charles Osterlund (79kg / 175 lbs) selected a Strike V2 5m paired with a Rocket Surf 4’6” (33L), aluminum 85cm mast and Phantom 1080. Charles is going with a bit more of an aggressive setup to get some decent speed and carving in the waves.

As a 68 kg / 150 lbs rider, I selected a Strike V2 4.5m paired with Rocket Wing S Carbon 4’6” (36L), HM carbon 85cm mast and Eagle 790. I’m looking for speed, long planning and some decent ramps for jumps.

While waiting for the thermals to kick in, we decided to take turns winging in the pool to pass the time!

When the wind finally began to fill in, it was time to jump in the water! Walking from the grassy area with our equipment from the Harmony Residence and jumping from the pool side to the beach is the easiest access to the ocean you can get.

Wingfoiling with friends is a blast! The ability to ride close to each other and share the same swell and waves is an addicting and bounding experience! Even being able to take a break, sit on our boards and share some riding anecdotes is really cool!

After riding for a bit in the bay, it is time to go north, thru the reef, passed Kite Beach and see what el Roncon is all about.

The downwinder is fast but really fun since you barely need the wing to get enough speed to connect the bumps and enjoy the never-ending swell.

Finally, we make it to el Roncon! It’s a beautiful spot with large homes on the beach hiding behind the moving palms. Here, we are away from all other kiters and wingers up in the bay and have the entire spot to ourselves!

We have beautiful shoulder high, gentle waves, perfect for sharing some smooth rides! You can either go right or left with very little risk that you’ll end up on reef.

It was a truly amazing session! Here is the video made by AP Visuals – Alexis Pierret so you can check out the spot:

After riding for a few hours, a break on the beach was in order to contemplate the spot, the amazing surrounding nature and discuss our session.

Sharing riding style and watching each other improve is the most rewarding experience. After a long pause, we took our wing equipment back to the water and this time, it was a race back upwind to the bay of Cabarete. I would say it was almost faster to go upwind and in one tack! 

Wingfoiling has truly progressed into a versatile, fast watersport that can be enjoyed in almost any wind and wave conditions.

I want to thank our local riders and the Liquid Blue Cabarete shop for sharing their secret spots and the stoke of this sport! Also, a big thanks to Ocean Dream Cabarete for letting us use their waterfront lodge.

If you come to Cabarete, the wind is cranking most of the time. The summer months are usually the windiest and the winter has less chance of wind, but the waves are great! A wing vacation in this little fishing town will never disappoint any time of the year!

Visit Cabarete and get the most out of your wingfoiling experience!

Cabarete is once again becoming the central spot in America and the Caribbean to practice this new extreme and trending watersport, thanks to its versatility, accessibility, and hype: it is just fun!

For accommodations, located right in the heart of Cabarete, within the Ocean Dream Gated Community, Sea Lane offers great lodging and invites you to fully enjoy Cabarete, an amazing and vibrant village known worldwide for its many sports and social activities, all within walking distance. Make sure to enjoy the view!

Where to learn wingfoiling in Cabarete?

You can meet Samuela any day on the bay of Cabarete or in front of Kite Beach and get the best pointers on the spots in the area.

If you are new to wingfoiling or need to continue your progression, make sure to check out the Liquid Blue shop for F-One wing gear and Manera apparel. Charles and his staff at Liquid Blue Cabarete will welcome you and set you up with lessons. Check them out here on Instagram. Liquid Blue’s teachers began wingfoiling when the sport was just starting to get noticed, about three years ago. They will make sure you get the best winging experience, no matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert rider.

Why is Liquid Blue the best school to learn wingfoiling in Cabarete? 

Wingfoiling and all the sports that have to do with it (let’s call it hydrofoiling to include all categories) is the future of ocean sports, and at Liquid Blue Cabarete, the team is all about it — from teaching lessons to rentals and sales of new and used equipment. Book your lessons now.