Sun Protection for Long Days on the Water

Stay protected from the sun with Manera's wetshirt and line of hats and caps.

Whether you’re hanging at the beach, spending your day in the surf or simply out and about on a summer day, it’s important to cover up and protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays — That’s why we make wetshirts and hats, to keep you out longer, even in the harshest conditions.


We believe it is frustrating to be cold when the weather is nice & warm.
This technical wetshirt features an outside layer that prevents the wind-chill effect; and an inside plush that keeps you warm without using a bulky neoprene top or a spring suit.

The sunshell wetshirt is made to protect you from the sun.
Thanks to its fast-drying technology and its loose tee-shirt fit, you will enjoy wearing it all day long. The 4-way stretch and lightweight fabric feels like wearing nothing, both in and out of the water. 


The BOBBY is not your average hat. Built with the same fabric as our GAMBAS boardshorts, it is made to be light, fast drying and resist against UV rays and saltwater.

The Bobby is meant to spend all day in the sun: Before, during and after your sessions.


Originally only made for sun protection, over time, caps have became more of a fashion accessory.

Check out our cap range made from multiple trendy colors and materials.