Spotlight in Puerto Rico: Goodwinds at Dorado Beach Resort

Goodwinds owner Phil Morstad fills us in on his school and what makes Puerto Rico such an amazing place to visit.

This ‘Dealer Spotlight’ takes us to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico to highlight Goodwinds at Dorado Beach. Nestled within a 5-star resort, Goodwinds boasts a state of the art water sports center featuring a fully equipped shop and school that caters to all levels. Out front, you will find world class wind and water conditions ideal for surfing, kitesurfing and wingfoiling. We caught up with Goodwinds owner Phil Morstad to ask a bit more about his water sports center and what makes Puerto Rico the ideal Caribbean getaway.

Can you give us a little background of your shop/school, how you started it and what’s your vision for it?

Goodwinds is a family owned water sports center that has been operating since 2001. Formerly Kitesurfpr, Goodwinds was founded by Royce Reid and Kiko Dalmau, and was one of the first kiteboarding schools on the island. In 2005, I moved to the island to pursue a career in aviation along with Karla Barrera, who had just returned from competing in the 2004 Olympics, and together we took over the business and continued to operate kitesurfing lessons off the beach in San Juan along with our partners at the time, Antoine Jaubert and Julie Simsar. In 2012 we moved the business to Dorado where we formed a partnership with the Dorado Beach Resort, a Ritz Carlton Reserve. Now known as Goodwinds, we now operate a state of the art facility that has one of the most diverse offerings of any water sports center in the world. Our vision is to provide memorable experiences that help our students reconnect with nature and themselves, and to provide world class instruction that aides students in being their best selves.

Photo: Karla Barrera

What makes your location special?

Located on the north coast of Puerto Rico, Dorado is blessed with consistent wind almost year round. Dorado specifically has the “you can do it all in one place” mentality with an outer reef that provides the perfect setup for wave riding offshore, while those who seek flatter water can also learn and freeride in the inner bay. The wind usually picks up after 10AM, so surfers can enjoy great surf in the mornings and wingfoiling the rest of the day. Located within Dorado Beach Resort, our water sports center caters to residents and guests of the resort and provides an uncrowded beach dedicated to water sports.

Photo: Karla Barrera

When is the best time to come and how many days of riding per year do you get in?

We have consistent winds from November to mid-August with 20-30 days per month. September to October winds become less consistent. For wave riding, we recommend coming in winter from October to early May, and for flatter water, March to August.

What drew you to offering F-One products in your store/school?

F-One’s commitment to making the best wing foiling products on the planet.

Can you tell us what your favorite F-One product has been? Is there something that the shop/instructors fight over the most to use?

Hands down it would be the Strike!

How Many Staff/Instructors do you have?

We have between 6 and 10 instructors: Alex Kappes, Andy Hurdman, Randy Campos, Mark Cafero, Edwin England, Joey Harpstrite, Matt Sims and John Beede

What is a memorable experience that you can share about a day at your riding location?

This season three of us were out for a sunset wingfoil session riding waves on the outer reef when we spotted a humpback whale breaching multiple times not too far offshore. We headed out in her direction in hopes of being graced by her presence. Not only did we make it out in time but we spent a few minutes riding with her as she continued to rise up out of the water. Just imagine yourself two miles offshore as the sun is setting over the Isla de Encanto wingfoiling next to such a spectacle of nature. That was truly a gift, and another reminder why we pursue these activities. Fast forward a month later and it happened again while wingfoiling at Shacks Beach on the north west coast of the Island. I’m not sure what I did to deserve such a gift twice in a season but I am certainly grateful for the experience; I didn’t have a GoPro but those memories will never leave my mind. 

Photo: Karla Barrera

Is there anything else that you want our readers to know about your shop/school?

Located within the 5-star rated Dorado Beach Resort – a Ritz Carlton Reserve, Goodwinds is the ideal destination that’ll make everyone in the family happy. With a 10 acre spa, 5-star accommodation, water parks, great restaurants, golf, tennis and of course tons of water sports options, Goodwinds is the premier option for those who don’t want to compromise. 

To learn more about Goodwinds’ offerings and to get in touch, you can reach Phil and Karla at:

Phone: 1-787-233-7862
Instagram: Goodwindsdorado
Facebook: Goodwinds

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