Discover the F-One Wing Foil Team’s Gear Setup

Find out what gear the F-One Wing Foil team was using during their latest trip to North East Brazil.

I N   C A S E   Y O U   M I S S E D   I T  !

The F-ONE Foil team went to the North East of Brazil to enjoy
the strong wind conditions. Not only they have been able to take wingfoiling to the next level,
they have also found the perfect spot to enjoy the purest surf foiling sensations. 

Titouan Galea also just won the first wingfoil world tour stop of the 2021 season with this same setup!

Find out what gear they were using!

T H E   G E A R   T H E Y   U S E D 

December 2020, the STRIKE is put into the hands of our talented team riders for the first time after a year of R&D and over 100 prototypes. The result in their ride is beyond compare thanks to the STRIKE’s performance. 

 T H E   W I N G   A N D   S U R F   F O I L B O A R D S 

Discover our riders ultimate favorite boards.
Rocket Wing for some and Rocket Surf for others.

Straps or Strapless? It’s your choice!

Our board range both for wing and surf foil have been designed without strap inserts to keep the overall board weight as low as possible. 
However, to satisfy the needs of the ones looking for some ‘air time’ we have several boards available with inserts:

Our Rocket Wing: in 4’8 and 5’0
The Rocket Surf: in 4’2 and 4’6.

T H E   F O I L I N G   G E A R   I N   A C T I O N

Carbon for more lightness, aluminium for rigidity either ways the F-ONE mast offer the best glide.

Equally fast and agile, the Phantom Carbon is incredibly versatile.
It is the team’s foil of choice as the glide, pumping and speed is beyond compare.

L E A R N    A B O U T    O U R    R I D E R ‘ S    C O N F I G U R A T I O N S