F-One - Foil

3 x F-One FOIL PACKS to get you foiling

16 Jul , 2017  

With summer in full swing, here are 3 x F-One foil packs to get you going with kite foiling, at a great price. All 3 are based on the Hybrid 90 MFS foil base, then you pick the wing you want (600, 800 or 1000) and you also have 3 x boards choice.

If you want to a 2 in 1 sport, then the Mitu convertible is a great choice as you use it in normal surf configuration and then plug a foil when the conditions are better for foiling.

Author in Marshall Islands with a Mitu Foil Pack. Pack light

If you want a 100% dedicated foil set, then you have the choice between the 51 TS or the 51 Fiber series. Check out the review of the 51 TS and also of the traditional fiber 5’1 x 51.

Hybrid 90/600. 800 or 1000 + 51 TS Board


Hybrid 90/600, 800 or 1000 + Mitu Convertible 5’6/5’8 or 5’10

Hybrid 90/800 + foilbaord 5’1 fiber series