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Tkb Product Review: Manera Meteor Wetsuit
Accessory Reviews, Gear Reviews, Kiteboarding August 31, 2015


Manera Says:
Our MAGMA material is the warmest on the market. With 100% full fleece on the inside, highly stretchable Triplex Magma Neoprene and air insulated Mesh panels on the outside this suit is guaranteed to keep you warm while providing a smooth and soft feeling that makes the suit incredibly comfortable.
Our 3D modeling software ensures the best anatomical fit and our SDC taped, glued and blind stitched seams makes the suit 100% waterproof, enhances durability while still keeping the seams as flex as possible.
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Tkb Says:
Hot molten magma is a great namesake for Manera’s new Meteor 4/3mm full suit. At first use, the soft fleece lining wowed my entire body with a luxurious and comfortable feel, a sensation that has not faded one bit 30+ sessions later. Like most top-of-the-line wetsuits, when I first jumped in the glacial water of the Hood River, there was not the smallest hint of water seeping through the seams. The big sell for this suit is that a month later after intensive use and long sessions shooting in cold water the seams were just as tight and dry as that first session. The standout surf session was on the Oregon coast where the water was cold enough to induce lobotomizing ice-cream headaches and turn hands/feet into useless stumps. The Meteor kept my core temperature happy and in the water and wind while waiting for sets.
The Meteor Magma comes with a top entry, front zipper and this is my personal preference. Back zip suits make me feel like I’m tempting a torn rotator cuff, but the front zip is quite easy to get my upper body through the stretchy fabric. The design of the neck skirt seems to keep the top-entry sealed in the worst of head snapping crashes and white water spin cycles. The overall density of 4/3mm neoprene feels very solid yet still provides you with the flexibility for boning out grabs or experiencing cat-like agility when launching strapless aerials.


The Meteor comes with Velcro cuffs to keep water out of your legs. The design is great because they stay attached to the suit during non-use but they are also removable. From my experience they are not necessary — thanks to drain material in the cuffs, if any water loads up it quickly exits on its own.
In retrospect, the technology in this wetsuit is impressive, from its seam construction to its air insulated panels and overall comfy fit. The durability during the length of our test is promising; the neck closure zipper operates reliably every time and the seams are in great shape. In recent years I’ve been migrating towards 5/4mm suits to keep warm in the ocean, but this 4/3mm suit has more than enough warmth for windsports while keeping the flexibility you need for high performance kitesurfing.

Source: Tkb Product Review: Manera Meteor Wetsuit

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