Tkb Review: 2021 F-One Pocket Carbon “Lightweight and Durable with Crisp and Tight Performance”

When you pair the Pocket Carbon with a full carbon foil set (like the Mirage 800), the entire arrangement is so light and flickable that it will blow your mind.

Source: The Kiteboarder Magazine

Sizes Available: 110 x 47cm, 120 x 46cm, 130 x 47cm
Sizes Tested: 120 x 56cm

F-One Says:

Beveled rails, double concave, specific foiling outline with a wide point well forward, these boards have all the shape features that make them easy and forgiving on the water.

The range includes three sizes: 130×47 cm, 120×46 cm and the tiny 110×44 cm to fulfill all advanced users. The 130 and 120 are equipped with a large deck pad and inserts for three footstraps. The 110 has the deck fully covered with a pad and zero inserts for dedicated strapless use. All feature the twin-track system for maximum compatibility.

Built around a structured but very light foam core with 100% carbon reinforcements, the POCKET Carbon foilboards are strong and super light. The solid cap construction will preserve the edges of the board. Easy to handle and more reactive than ever on the water, the POCKET Carbon will make your foiling more rewarding and bring you to the next level!

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TKB Says:

There are a number of compression-molded foil decks on the market, but this is the first time we’ve tested a carbon version and it stood out for its ability to combine its lightweight feel with surprising durability and good rigidity that translated to crisp and tight performance. When you pair the Pocket Carbon with a full carbon foil set (like the 800 Mirage), the entire arrangement is so light and flickable that it will blow your mind.

Design and Features
The Pocket Carbon features a flat deck with a good amount of rocker in the nose and a double concave bottom with a single spine down its center. The board comes with inserts for a ducked-style stance, giving you three forward/aft insert options for dialing in your balance with the back foot perched on the trailing edge of the board. The Pocket’s corduroy deck pad covers the bulk of the deck, extending right up to the edge of the rail and offers good grip for those that choose to foil strapless.

During our first session with the Pocket Carbon, we experienced a couple of accidental foil-downs as we adapted to the higher speeds required of the Mirage 800 we were riding and the board’s extra rocker in the nose did a good job of deflecting unexpected nose dives. The Pocket Carbon features fairly thin rails with a low angle chine into the hull, but the construction and thickness doesn’t give you a ton of volume. With the low volume, compact shape and limited surface area, the 120 required a good amount of power to get us on top of the water. That said, once you get it in the air, the 120 is a minimal platform that accentuates and amplifies your every move. With its lightweight carbon layup, the 120 has non-existent swing weight, which makes the deck very maneuverable, almost as if you’re floating and it’s not there. We liked the flat deck (no dome or concavity) because no matter where you put your foot it’s always parked at the same angle to the foil and this helped our consistency in more challenging maneuvers. The rocker in the nose puts your front foot at a little higher parity to your back foot and this seemed to give us an intuitive and positive stance that felt balanced and comfortable even at higher speeds.

The Pocket Carbon’s corduroy deck pad was the perfect balance of plushness and density with enough direct input and control going into the deck while feeling sufficiently comfortable for longer sessions. While you can choose from a size bigger, or a size smaller, the Pocket Carbon is the high-end sports car of kite foiling that amplifies speed and maneuverability, but requires a bit more skill and confidence to get going and survive the typical missteps of learning. If you spend the bulk of your foiling time in the air and you’re looking to spice things up, then the Pocket Carbon just might be your next board to push your foiling experience further.