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TKB Review: 2019 F-One Mitu Pro Flex – “Easy to ride and lots of performance both in the waves and for strapless freestyle”

27 Feb , 2019   Video

Source: thekiteboarder.com
February 26, 2019

Mitu Pro Flex 5’8 – 2019

F-One Mitu Pro Flex
Sizes Available: 5’2 x 17.7″ 20.2L, 5’4 x 18.1″ 21.8L, 5’6 x 18’1” 22.8L, 5’8 x 18.5″ 23.9L, 5’10 x 19.1″ 25.4L
Sizes Tested: 5’8 x 18.5″ 23.9L

F-One Says:
Mitu is very meticulous and involved when it comes to his Pro Model. There’s no shortcut with his testing. His approach is fueled by a lot of curiosity and a very fine analysis on how the board operates. Totally focused from day one, he invests all his experience into the tests. Offshore, side-off, onshore, Ponta Preta, Kite-beach, surfing, jumping, the board must tick all the boxes to be this all-in-one ripping machine.

With the compact outline, the deep single concave remains the DNA of the Mitu Pro Model which is known for its easy planing, sharp acceleration and great directional stability. The bottom features a channel at the front of the board to help while landing fins front. The maneuverability is really impressive and takes advantage of a much refined rockerline. Travelling back along the bottom of the board, the concave fades progressively towards the back marking a rounded kick in the rockerline which further helps making the turns smooth and effortless.

Combined with some thin rails at the back, the fish tail remains the best compromise between planing, stability, turning and pop.The range includes 5 sizes from 5’2 to 5’10 with the smaller ones having more focus on maneuverability and speed control, while the largest sizes have a bit more emphasize on the planing ability and general stability. All share the same shape features with their specific outline to make the most of the wave’s energy.

The Mitu Pro Flex uses the HD foam flex construction where the ability of the board to flex has been emphasized to provide an outstanding comfort and an amazing feeling in the waves. Built with HD foam of various densities together with fiberglass and epoxy resin, this construction also features some deck stringers for more durability. The comfort while riding is further enhanced by the shock absorbers and the full pad. The Mitu Pro Flex has some deck inserts built-in so they can be equipped with foot straps. They come with a thruster fin setup and a set of F-One Flow RTM fins.

Visit for more info: www.f-one.world/product/kite/boards/surfs/mitu-pro-flex

Our Testers Say:

“Very accessible do it all machine. Easy to ride and lots of performance both in the waves and for strapless freestyle. Handles chop well, love the thick pad and the Pro Flex construction is easy on the knees.” // Dray Murray

“Super light and easy handling. Good carving and good load and pop with great edge control and solid upwind ability.” // Kiter Mike

“Smooth through chop, sharp turning abilities and surprising pop. A luxurious ride through the chop which gives confidence through turns and foot switching. Rails seem slippery and difficult to grab.” // Tib Anghel

Meet Our Testers

TKB Freeride test – 2019 Mitu Pro Flex 5’8

Tkb Says:
With the addition of the Slice to F-One’s directional board lineup, the Mitu has shifted rolls and has gotten a little bit of reboot now that the Splice is handling the freestyle. Whereas there used to be a really aggressive channel in the nose, the Mitu now sports a general deep single concave that goes right down the center into a swallow tail. In terms of performance, this board is now being tuned towards performance surfing with the feel of the template along the entire rail being very predictable and offering solid turning. This board handles the chop really well with the rail cutting effortlessly upwind through chop giving you a really locked in and stable ride. With the latest changes, the Mitu feels a bit more stable than the Slice. When it comes to turning the Mitu feels dialed for dominating medium to head high plus waves with really solid edging as you weight the rail and shift to the tail for tight but predictable response. It turns on a dime once you stomp on the tail but going into that turn the board is very comfortable and controlled. In terms of strapless freestyle, the Mitu is still a good choice for popping out of the water, and while the Pro Flex construction isn’t the lightest you can get the Mitu in, it does quite well for strapless tricks. The Pro Flex construction definitely has the softer flex feel and doesn’t have the tinny feel that comes with carbon boards but you do pay for that in terms of a bit of weight. The Mitu came with a ¾ deck pad with diamond grip that testers highlighted for its excellent grip and comfy plush factor. The pad features a nice toe bump on the front and a tail kick at the end to keep your feet connected to the board. The Pro Flex version of the Mitu comes with inserts for straps with two for aft options, a single down the center front strap and two duct options on the tail. Overall, we felt this year’s Mitu is an upgrade to a board that was already quite capable in the surf, but the new Mitu delivers a higher standard of rail control and precision that wave-oriented kitesurfers desire in a dedicated surf shape.

View in 3D – F-One Mitu Pro Flex

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