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2014 Buyers Guide featuring Underwave

25 Nov , 2013  

Source: The Kiteboarder Magazine

2014 Buyer’s Guide:Underwave

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Underwave offers a full line of wetsuits, harnesses, and other softgoods and accessories for kiteboarders. A very unique offering from Underwave is Vacust, available on the Imperial line of harnesses. Harnesses with Vacust are able to mold to the unique shape of your body for a custom fit. Nico Ostermann answered our questions about the 2014 Underwave product line.

What are some of the highlights of the 2014 Underwave wetsuit line?

For 2014 Underwave has refined its front zip 5/4/3 and 4/3/2 wetsuits. These two wetsuits are super easy to put on and take off, use top-notch flexible neoprene, and are fully sealed. The added features such as leg drains and no seams around the waist makes it a top windsport wetsuit. The graphics have also been toned down quite a bit so they now appeal to a wider range of riders.

What are some of the standout features of the 2014 Underwave harnesses?

The Imperial line has been refined with new edges, new colors, and a new clip system for the spreader bar. The Sultan returns for 2014 with new colors as well as a really cool looking camouflage version. There is an all-new Imperial seat harness that racers will love. And finally we have the Sultane, a dedicated waist harness for women that has a new white graphic as well this year.

What are the main differences between the different harness models?

The Imperial collection is the top end of the line with the added option of using the Vacust technology. The Sultan is great value for a waist harness with a higher waist, the same spreader bar as the Imperial, less embroidery than the Imperial, and a different support plate. For seat harnesses we have both the Atlantis and the Imperial seat.

How is the Imperial seat harness different than the Atlantis?

The Imperial seat has a more beefed up back support than the Atlantis. However, the technology of spreading the load is the same as the Atlantis.

Has the Vacust system changed from last year?

The Vacust system is an option that you can find on the Imperial line only (waist and seat harnesses). It allows the harness to become a custom shaped harness when it comes to back support. There is a unique pouch sewn into the back of the harness. When the air is pumped out of this pouch with a small pump, the back support molds itself to the exact shape of your back. You can really feel the difference once you mold it to your back. It creates a true custom fit. For 2014 the Vacust technology has been vastly improved with a net weight loss of 1.3 pounds, making the Vacust Imperial actually lighter that the standard Imperial harness.

What’s the best way for a rider to find the harness model best suited to them?

Some riders prefer using seat harnesses, for example beginners or racers. Some prefer having a lot of back support (Sultan) while some like a minimal harness so they are free to have a full range of motion during maneuvers or in the surf. It’s really all about personal preference. The Imperial line has been our best seller in the US.

Are there any other special Underwave products you’d like to highlight?

Underwave has a full collection of very cool accessories such as the Wind neoprene jacket for men and women, dry shirts, and a cool new boardshort collection. There are enough accessories in the collection to fill a shop! Check it out at

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