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SoloSports and F-One Join Forces for Epic Kitesurfing and SUP Experience in Baja

28 Jan , 2014  

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA – JANUARY, 2014 — SoloSports and Bay Area Kitesurf (the distributor of F-One in North America) announce that they have joined forces to deliver an epic adventure to Punta San Carlos, Baja Mexico where guests will have the latest F-One gear at their disposal, whether for Kitesurfing or for SUP.

 Punta San Carlos, Baja Mexico

  SoloSports owner Kevin Trejo fell in love with Punta San Carlos over 25 years ago when Southern California adventurers braved the wind and waves on their newly developed wave board windsurfers. SoloSports has set up a camp with full amenities right on the beach and offers visitors an all inclusive experience, flying them from San Diego straight to their private air strip. No matter how you get there (you can also drive to PSC) SoloSports will provide the same pristine area the first adventurers found 25 years ago.

  “Some things just look and feel right. After seeing how simple and straight forward the F-One control bar looked I just had to try one, so I put the bar and 8M Bandit 6 kite to the test in some nice head high+ waves in Punta San Carlos. I must say that everything just felt right and I had one of those sessions where I didn’t even have to think about the kite but rather just rip the wave up to the best of my ability! Truly a great feeling when everything just clicks and you have a great session. We now proudly have full quivers of the Bandit kites for our guests to enjoy and I have since repeated those great wave riding sessions many times over on the Bandits. Loving the F-One kites and highly recommend you give one a try!” said Kevin Trejo, SoloSports CEO


  “I had the chance to spend some time in PSC last spring and the place is truly unique. SoloSports takes care of you with everything you can possibly need in this remote place (ask for the Baja fog). A true point break, the swell conditions are great to take your wave riding skills to the next level. What else can you possibly need, having at your disposal the latest F-One gear, 2014 Bandit kites and SUP boards!  We are also working on setting up a dedicated F-One wave camp. Stay tuned,” said Nicolas Ostermann, Bay Area Kitesurf CEO


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