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RECAP: Prime Foiling conditions at the Belmont Kite Expo

19 May , 2015   Gallery

Belmont Shores , Long Beach CA.

Thanks to Dan Corbett and and his mighty crew of the  SCKA and Friends for laying out a great weekend of demoing on the beach. Dinner on Saturday night,  provided by Ruth Corbett was outstanding – simply delicious !

Conditions varied for the two days, and overall provided for prime hydro foiling conditions .

Our new hydrofoil setup for both the Mitu 5’8 convertible and the 5’1 dedicated board proved to be winners on both days – feedback was positive all around – beautiful design, smooth, stable and fast were some of the comments . 

Good turnout overall, and I’m always grateful and happily surprised to have returning, and new F-One riders drop in . I enjoyed chatting about our gear and sharing their stoke – this, at the end of the day makes the journey worthwhile and truly satisfying . 

Let’s do it again next year, sooner, rather than later !

Cheers ,