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New F-One Phantom FCT

5 Apr , 2021   Video

Using a refined design to achieve higher finesse, the Phantom foils glide faster and for longer. Connecting waves while surfing or downwinding thereby becomes much easier and more fun. However, connecting waves isn’t much fun if you can’t turn and this is why carving is also part of the DNA of the Phantom foils. By working on the lift distribution, arch shape and other details, F-One achieved a high-aspect, performance foil that can carve smooth curves on the waves and swells.

The Phantom FCT line features F-One’s new Foil Compression Technology which offers impressive mechanical properties making it particularly suited for foils subjected to high stresses and bending loads.

It’s recommended that the Phantom wings are paired with the R275 Surf stab which is specifically designed for carving and pumping. Made with RTM technology, this stabilizer offers better glide and a looser feel. Its flatter arch shape delivers high efficiency while pumping in order to connect more waves. Its shape and smaller area ensure sharp turns and more speed with a very loose feeling, closer to that of a shortboard. It’s the ideal match for the speed and glide of the Phantom wings.

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