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Kite Safari in GUAJIRA, Colombia | Awata Adventure

19 Dec , 2019  


The Awata Adventure Team recently completed a road trip around Colombia for one month, taking their school and students to different kiteboarding spots. It was an amazing experience. They also did some community work with kids in the Guajira department.

Their last kite safari took them to the department of GUAJIRA; This part of Colombia is renowned for its desert landscapes, its huge dunes, beautiful sunsets and its Wayu culture.

Using 4×4 trucks, they crossed the desert to reach the northernmost tip of South America and also the poorest area of ​​Colombia, and this is where they found the Wayu community, where they had the opportunity to distribute gifts to children who when running after our cars.

Faces of happiness and much gratitude was the perfect reward to return home with a big heart.


Awata Adventure of Colombia is a tourism company in search of wind. In addition to traveling, they also teach kiteboarding and represents Bay Area Kitesurf, the distributor of F-One and Manera equipment in Colombia.

Thanks to @fonecolombiaoficial @awataadventure and @colombiainspira for their contribution and make this adventure possible.