Josh Gillitt’s Take on the New Trigger

We catch up with Josh to fill us in on his experience with the new F-ONE Trigger kite.

Born and raised in Durban, South Africa, 17-year-old Josh Gillitt started kitesurfing when he was 8 years old. He moved to Cape Town with his parents when he was 10 years old and that’s when he got into big air. We caught up with Josh to fill us in on his experience with the new F-ONE Trigger kite.

Videos: @nomadicsea

What was your first session with the Trigger like?
My first session on it was super good, I was getting so much more height and hang time than what I was getting with the Bandit before.

What’s the most apparent difference between the Trigger and the Bandit?
The biggest deference between the Trigger and the Bandit is the amount of height and hang time you get on the Trigger compared to the Bandit, so for anyone who likes big air and big loops, it’s definitely worth giving the Trigger a go. 

Are there specific performance qualities about the Trigger that work particularly well for your style of riding?
The powerful loops, height and hang time I get on the Trigger are my favorite things about it.

We’ve heard rumblings that you might be gunning for some bigger contest results this year? What have you done in your training and progression to bring your current goals closer to reality? How does the Trigger play a role in your riding? 
I’ve been training really hard for the last stop off the BAKL World Tour in Cape Town in December, and then for next year, my goal is definitely to compete at every stop of the BAKL World Tour and the GKA World Tour, and finally, my biggest goal for next year is to compete in the Red Bull King of the Air. In the last 3 months I’ve really upped my training time on the water; every day there is wind I’m training anywhere from five to eight hours a day. The Trigger will give me more overall height to my tricks which will score better.