Introducing DIABLO v3

F-ONE’s third generation of ram-air kite, the DIABLO v3 is the result of an always evolving design work. This new version combines the ease of use that made the v1 so successful with the performances needed to challenge for a world champion title.

The DIABLO v3 had a great start: 1st time on the water right out of the bag: 1st podium on the Hydrofoil Pro Tour in France ! All our international riders, including USA team riders Joey Pasquali and Riley Gibbs, were unanimous regarding the performances, the comfort and ease of use of the V3, whatever the conditions and course profiles (especially riding downwind).


New bridle and optimum fine tuning for an immediate and intuitive use whether you are looking for great performances or amazing sensations. The kite offers better handling and is more user friendly when used with shorter lines.


Thanks to a new setting that multiplies the depower, the Diablo V3 gains in comfort and speed especially downwind and/or in gusty winds.


with a new brake line configuration attached every 2 cells instead of 3, the brakes are more efficient and the kite always keeps his shape.


The flexible rods used to reinforce the leading edge are longer on the cells that are connected to the bridle. This makes inflation easier and the leading edge stronger. In higher winds, the kite is stiffer and more responsive.


Available in sizes 9, 11, 13, 15, 18 and 20m² and IKA registered.

DIABLO V3 will be available in all sizes: 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 18 / 20m in August. All DIABLO v3 must be pre ordered through your favorite dealer.

Diablo v3

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