Grant Twiggy Baker on the F-One Surf Foil

Grant Twiggy Baker went back to his hometown for some surf foiling fun!

As the Hydrofoil Surfing scene grows and major athletes like Twiggy Baker show us what’s possible in the waves, the only thought that comes to mind is getting out there and foiling for yourself.

Check out Grant Twiggy Baker in South Africa surfing the 65/1200 Hybrid foil. Vimeo link

What Does 65/1200 Hybrid foil really mean!? The first number is the mast length in cm and the / second is the surface area of the front wing.

The 65/1200 set up is what we recommend for surfing on a regular surfboard or Stand up paddle surfboard. Hybrid just means that we use an aluminum mast on that model. All the other parts on our foils (front wing, fuselage and rear stabilizer) are high quality carbon.

Product link: 65/1200 Hybrid Foil

With our wide range of Foil products available you can custom tailor the foil craft of your dreams for kiteboarding, windsurfing or just plain surfing. Get with your local shop and ask about foil lessons today! learn more – Grant Twig baker talks foils