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Focus: F-One Flow Fins “Quick, Responsive and perfect for Surfing with a Kite”

13 Nov , 2017   Gallery

The F-ONE surf fins have been developed to optimize the efficiency of our shapes and are specifically designed for Kitesurfing. Available in two color options (turquoise, raspberry) and either a Quad or Thruster configuration.

Their outline, stiffness and profile were designed specifically for surfing with a kite, which means different requirements than for prone surfing. The FLOW series was developed for versatility and high performances over a wide range of conditions. From freestyle to wave riding, the boards are simply transformed. Made of epoxy composites and built using RTM Technology, their lightweight is especially interesting for all freestyle tricks. Their size provides more freedom of the board under the traction of the kite and this brings better maneuverability and control.

Tech Rep Nathan Scheu reviews 2018 Flow Fins: “For 2018 F-One have also introduced their new fin template – Flow Fins. They are small size fins that are 4.25″ tall and I was unsure they would work for me since I’ve always ridden medium and large size fins in the 4.5″ to 4.75″ range. They have a wide base and decent rake for good drive along with a thin tip for quick release. Let me tell you, they work like a charm and I believe that’s one reason the Slice goes upwind so extraordinarily well is that the smaller fins have less drag. Another benefit of the smaller Flow fins is a quick release when launching into the air, or into a spinning aerial maneuver, which makes freestyle moves much easier. They even make fins first landings and riding easier since they don’t catch as easily as a bigger fin.”

2018 F-One Kiteoarding Catalog