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F-One America welcomes Jacob Olivier to the junior team

14 Jul , 2014  

We are stoked to announce Jupiter Florida rider Jacob Olivier will be joining the F-One America Junior Team. Watch out for this up and coming ripper!

10547033_792607870773756_1464650488357601882_o• What’s your Age? 14

• How long have you been kiting? Since January (6 1/2 months)

• What’s your favorite F-ONE Gear so far? Bandit Kite

• What’s your go to trick? S-BEND

• Are you working on any sweet tricks right now? Handle Pass and Unhook Kite-loop.

• Do any of your friends in school kiteboard? No, not yet..

• Where is your favorite place to kite? Jupiter Kite Beach, Florida.

• Do you know of a kiteboarding spot you wish you could go to? Tarifa, Spain



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