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Event Recap: Two great weeks of Mitu Wave Camps in Baja

14 Jun , 2017   Video

Insane two weeks in Baja for our annual Mitu Monteiro Wave Camp with Solosports Adventure Holidays PSC! The conditions and surroundings never cease to amaze the group time after time in Punta San Carlos’s action-packed environment filled with the all the best gear from F-One kites and SUP surfboards to top of the line mountain bikes! We want to thank our Camp Guests along with the staff at Solosports; Clark Merritt, Joey Sanchez, Rich Garrett, Elise Gire, Kevin Trejo and of course the fabulous kitchen staff! Until next year, check out a few video’s courtesy of Joey Sanchez recapping our 2-week experience in Baja!


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Mitu Wave Camp 2017

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