Charlotte Consorti 3x Kiteboarding Speed World Championn

Originally published by Charlotte Consorti (read the original French post here)

Google Translation:

The World Championships speed kite took place from July 5 to 15 at Salin de Giraud. I won the six races sailed and the best time with 32.59 knots. So I pick up my third title of World Champion!

I tried to go tease the top 10 men but the battle was far too harsh, I finished 17th of 34 overall. Rob Douglas, unbeatable in all conditions wins the title of World Champion, Sylvain Hoceini, who is the man I think I know who spends the most time on the water to lead, won the well deserved title of Vice World Champion and American Damien Leroy, third place.

Alex Caizergues, my team mate and favorite of the race finished in seventh place much more comfortable at 100km / h in the light wind conditions.

Congratulations to the girls, Marie Navarre Desandre my team mate, Vice World Champion! 3) Jessica Winkler 4) Aurelie Bouquet and 5) Angelique Prin Guenon (with a superb lap to 30 knots which has impressed more than one!)

Thank you to the organization, the DMC Club, the race director Pascal Maka, volunteers, and a special dedication to Frank and Jean Marc, for this great event on this beautiful site of our beautiful Camargue Salins!