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Alec Dektor’s favorite board: Signature 6’0 Quad

5 Apr , 2013   Gallery

F-One Surf Signature Quad 6’0 reviewed by F-One Team Rider Alec Dektor

Alec just comes back from his first trip with the F-One International Team. You can read the full story of this trip on the latest edition of The Kiteboarder Magazine.

The F-One Signature Surf 6’0 is a great board for anyone looking for a surfboard. The deck is slightly recessed into the board, similar to last years model. This is a nice feature because it takes away some of the volume making it easier to turn the board. While this board turns very fast, it still has the feel of a full 6’0 short board. Compared to last years model, it is a much stronger board. I really like this board in bigger hollow waves because I can dig in the rail no matter how fast I’m going and the board won’t skip out. However, because it has less volume it is also fun in smaller mushy waves. The recessed deck also allows for a pretty thick pad on top of the board. I like the pad because it protects the board and your feet when you come down on it hard. I am also amazed at how strong the deck is. For a board that is so light I can’t believe how strong it is. I can not ask for anything more in a strapless board. I definitely recommend this board to anybody looking for a surfboard to kite on. Whether you are learning or experienced on a surfboard and whether you ride straps or not, you can not go wrong with this board.

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