F-One Wings Comparison – Origin, Swing v4, and Strike v4

Matt Nuzzo, from REAL Watersports, rides and reviews all 3 x F-One 2024 wings: Origin, Swing V4 and Strike V4. Matt is pretty enthusiastic with the common characteristic of all 3 x wings: light weight flying and light weight feeling, with great front and back balance. 

In the review, Matt mentioned the F-One wings don’t come with a swivel. He is right about that, as they come with a wrist leash, a bag, a reactor valve, and a bladder patch. However, there is an optional F-One swivel you can also purchase separately. In addition to the swivel, you can also get a wrist leash extension (10cm) or upgrade to either a smaller or longer wrist leash, with three sizes available: M (90cm), L (110cm), and XL (130cm).

Note also that all wings come standard with a soft set of handles, but you can upgrade to the Hybrid, Hard, or Boom handles. The Hybrid and Hard handles will be available in June, and the Boom in September. Each handle, whether front or back, can be purchased individually.

ORIGIN: "Disappears when riding, softer material, closer to the original Swing and first Strike versions, with upgraded material. Great freefly" Says Matt
SWING V4: "Very smooth power delivery, very balanced" Noted Matt
STRIKE V4: "Most punchy and power, lots of drive but still very accessible" Says Matt




The Swivel

The F-ONE Wrist Leash swivel helps prevent your leash line from twisting and tangling caused by the wing’s positioning, or after multiple maneuvers and rotations.

Compatible with all F-ONE wings, the stainless steel swivel attaches between the wing’s leading edge and the leash, and includes a neoprene cover for comfort, equipment protection and longevity.