Billy Shreds the ROCKET SUP DW at OB

Billy Ackerman and Miles de Rouin, both of them BAKS Distribution team member, enjoy a crisp San Francisco Ocean Beach (OB) session. Billy is showing the versatility of the new DW Pro foil board, with very easy take off.

Drone Footage by Bruce Johnson

ROCKET SUP DW PRO CARBON 7’4 x 19.75” 110L
HM 14-80cm mast
SK8 1050 / XXS Carving 200 monobloc tail

The ROCKET SUP DW PRO CARBON was designed to minimize drag and to promote early and efficient take-offs in any conditions, whether it’s flat waters or big open ocean bumps.

This board benefits from the best compromise between length, width and volume so as to remain accessible to the highest number of riders. Its long and narrow shape brings fantastic glide and high speed for paddle starts, while its boxy rails lead to great stability.

With the ROCKET SUP DW PRO CARBON, paddle efficiently and get onto foil easily and unbelievably fast all while benefitting from great stability. Volume is distributed to keep the rider’s paddling position very close to the flying position and to minimize changes in the feet and stance. The balance between the front and back leg is excellent, allowing you to put just the right amount of power on the front leg before and during the take-off phase without the board ever nose diving.

The nose is streamlined and keeps enough volume and buoyancy for aggressive paddling and take-off, further helping in getting some momentum for easy starts when in the bumps. The tail is pinched in to improve water flow and reduce the drag. The lower tail volume also helps rocking and pumping the board for take-off.

It is available in three different widths: 18” (80.5L – 110L), 19” (86L – 110L) and 20” (98L – 130L). This makes for a total of 15 different sizes to choose from depending on the needed volume and length, as well as the skill level of each rider. All boards are equipped with a full pad and the Twin-Tracks system for foil compatibility. These Twin-Tracks are positioned further forward to reflect the new balance of the board and again to facilitate take-off, pumping and flying behavior.

The perfect balance between stability, accessibility, glide and easy starts, the ROCKET SUP DW PRO CARBON will undoubtedly get you hooked on downwinds.