The man behind the LEGEND I Episode 2

The Return of the Legend.

This legend has two huge goals.
On the one hand, he wants to keep inspiring the next generation of kiters.
On the other hand, he dreamt about get on the podium for the first time with his three sons.

Did he succeed?

Let’s meet his friend and rival, the pro rider Matchu Lopes.

Mitu’s initial bodyboard was a makeshift creation, comprising a sack filled with old water bottles for buoyancy. Alongside his friends, they embarked on the journey of wave riding at a tender age, utilizing a massive board salvaged from nearby trash. They learned to navigate the waves, perfecting the technique of dragging their feet as a makeshift fin and maneuvering the board amidst the swells. In an attempt to explore new possibilities, he fashioned a plastic sack into a sail, attempting to windsurf, but found success only when traveling downwind.

However, a pivotal moment would soon alter everything. A fellow individual approached him, exclaiming, “Mitu, come on, I’ll teach you how to windsurf.” Taking action, the person skillfully modified the sail and mast, tailoring them to his needs. Though challenging, within a single day, he acquired the skills to sail forth, return, and even tack upwind. Completely absorbed, he devoted the entire day to the water, playfully experimenting with his diminutive sail, and astonishingly mastering the technique at a rapid pace.

Stay Tuned for the final episode.