Mitu Speaks Sports & Sustainability at The Ocean Race

Mitu steps up to raise awareness about the current ocean crisis.


Sometimes, Mitu swaps his wetsuit for a button up shirt. We are here to tell you why.

Mitu at the Ocean Race

Cherie Bridges/The Ocean Race

“Cabo Verde, widely considered as an ideal kite destination, got the year off to a flying start. Sao Vicente island hosted the first stopover of The Ocean Race, which landed on January 23rd. 

Not only one of the most important nautical events of the world, but also a way to raise awareness about the current ocean crisis: overfishing, plastic pollution, the destruction of marine habitats, and climate change. Now, more than ever, the sea needs our help.”

“Mitu Monteiro, former kitesurf world champion and watersport coach, attended the summit that his country hosted, to speak about sports and sustainability. “All my life has been around the ocean,” Mitu said, talking about his connection to the sea, “I spend more time in the water than on land. The ocean requires our assistance; let us think before acting. Everyone can do their part, and together we can make a big difference.” “ – The Kite Mag